1. First Annual Chinese Schools Paintball Outing has been reschedule to Saturday 11/12/2016 from 9:30am to 5:00pm
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Upcoming Events

  • 10/22/16 regular class, Language Teacher Meeting#1
  • 11/12/16 Paintball Outing
  • 11/20/16 Marlboro Multi-Cultural Day 

Parent Association

Language/Culture Department

FCS Clubs

  • Waiver form and Registration form can be found at
  • 11/27 Sunday NBA Nets tickets for sale $20 per upper level seat.  Please email if you’re interested.  Every 10 tickets sold, one person can do high five with Jeremy Lin!
  • Club Registration Fee:
    • $10 現在的維德學生家長 (You are a present school parent, $10 registration fee)
    • Free 現在/過去學校幹部或老師, 免註冊費 (Present/Past school staff or teacher, no registration fee)
    • Free 家長活動及課程的指導教師, 免註冊費 (Instructor of adult activity or class, no registration fee)
    • $50 其他, (Others)註冊費:$50
  • Tennis Club 網球之夜
  • Latin Dance Club by Mr. Ma. is open for enrollment. Tuition fee is $75 per year.
  • Other club pages can be found in last week’s communication or from school’s homepage under Clubs
  • Please like our Facebook page Fidelity Chinese School 維德中文學校 and leave good reviews. We will be posting new pictures and event updates