FCS Announcements:

2017 Chinese SAT Mock Test will take place during the FCS school session on Saturday, March 4, 2017.

維德中文學校將於 2017年3月4日舉行SAT中文模擬考試,八年級與高一班學生得一律參加,並由學校統一報名。

2017 Lunar New Year Celebration Photo

2017 Lunar New Year Off-Campus Photo

2017 Point Pleasant Beach High School Performance Photo

2017 NBA Nets Game National Anthem Performance Photo

Upcoming Events:

Please Note: Schedules have changed for ANJCS events please visit www.anjcs.org to find out more detail.  If any student would like to compete in any ANJCS event please contact Alan Tai.


2/25/2017 FCS Multimedia Contest 多媒體簡報比賽 H1-H3

3/4/2017 FCS Multimedia Contest 多媒體簡報比賽 CSL-A/CSL-Conv

3/4/2017 Chinese SAT Mock Test  SAT中文模擬考試

3/11/2017 ANJCS Karaoke Contest 卡拉OK比賽

3/18/2017 FCS Yo-Yo Contest  FCS 扯鈴比賽

3/25/2017 ANJCS Yo-Yo Contest  ANJCS 扯鈴比賽

4/1/2017 ANJCS Speech Contest 演講比賽

4/2/2017 ANJCS Multimedia Contest 多媒體簡報比賽

5/21/2017 Marlboro Memorial Day Parade

5/28/2017 Passport to Taiwan in NYC

5/27 -5/28 ACS Annual Convention 美東中文學校年會