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When: the 4th Saturday night 6pm -11pm from September 2015 to April 2016 with an exception of December! They are 9/26, 10/24, 11/28, 1/23, 2/27, 3/26, and 4/23.

Where: Brunswick Hills Racquet@1020 State Route 18 Ste 1 East Brunswick NJ

What: Tennis, good food and hangout!

Join us: Juuhwa Ting








A total of 7 courts are reserved from 6:00PM to 11:00PM and you can reserve one hour of tennis play time for a designated court and time slot. The club provides water and refreshments for each practice. You are welcome to join our potluck if you bring food.

For the season of 2015-2016, there are still four courts from 10-11PM and one lower court for 9-10 PM available. It is $130 per lower court and $100 per upper for the entire season with 7 dates.


5 thoughts on “Tennis Club

  • Juuhwa Ting Post author

    Our first tennis night is this Sat 9/27 (6-11PM) at same location, Brunswick Hills Racquet@1020 State Route 18 Ste 1 East Brunswick

    There are two exciting news to announce here.
    1. Thanks to our principal, Mr. Derek, the club page has been set up at
    You can find your schedule at the schedule tab. Any comment post on the web site will be forwarded to me right away.

    2. Thanks to Aimi Cho for preparing a Taiwanese-style birthday cake
    There will be a birthday party for all club members with the cake served at 8:30PM. Anyone born in September has the priority of getting the first batch of cakes. Please drop me a note if you like to reserve yours.
    Host for cleanup this week –
    Shu-Chih Lin
    Bonnie Tang
    Shao-min Sun
    Looking forward to seeing every one there!

  • Derek Chang

    thank you Juuhwa. let me check if i can use the message board here to function as email delivery!

  • Juuhwa Ting Post author

    Reminder- Tennis night this Sat 10/25
    Dear FCS tennis club members,
    Thanks for the great food last month – Pudding cake, organic pumpkin bread, traditional Taiwanese noodles, beef stew, taro balls, sweet rice soup, etc.

    Shu-mei Kuo, current 6th grade language teacher, has kindly taken the position of preparing the refreshment for the club. Aimi Cho, current 5th grade language teacher, will make delicious cakes which will be served at 8:30PM at every party. Please say “Thanks” to them and to all who contribute wonderful dishes whenever you see them. BIG thanks!

    Hosts this week from court 2- Derek Chang, Frank,, Mingru, Xin Xu, Sharon Lian, and Shao-min

    Thank you

    Your club coordinator

  • Juuhwa Ting Post author

    Dear FCS tennis club members,

    Happy holidays! This Sat’s tennis night will be our last tennis practice in 2014.

    Potluck participants: Our food went out pretty fast last time. Each family needs to bring at least one dish if your family will dine in at the party.

    Non- Potluck participants: Club will provide refreshment for all members. Please come enjoy!

    Lost and Found: One blue 5 yr old jacket

    Hosts of this week (Court 3): Peter Peng, Aimi Cho, Wa-Jan Shee, Hai Huang, Peter Lim

    Thank you

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