Weekly Announcements


Upcoming Events:

5/18: Free Finance Planning Seminar at Cafeteria –> Experienced professionals will provide details to these questions to help you effectively plan your financial future! 9:15AM – 11AM; 11:15AM – 12:15Pm

Early Registration for the 2019-2020 School Year!

~Registration and payment by 6/1 will qualify for discount!

~Registration will take place on line- more information on how to register to come

~You can also register directly at our Treasury desk if you require assistance.

2019 ANJCS YoYo Competition

Congratulations to all of the winners! We placed in almost every category!

Check out Fidelity Chinese School Facebook page for pictures and World journal article HERE

Special thanks to the guidance from our wonderful teachers: Kevin Lam and Jared Chiou!


  • Second Place 第二名 陳兆珍 Addison Chan


  • First Place 第一名 戴溏恩 Alexander Tai
  • Second Place 第二名 趙娟娟 Janice Chao


  • Third Place 第三名 戴溏恩 Alexander Tai & 李韋誠 Aaron Lee

Bake Sale Success!

Thank you to ALL of the families for their support. The bake sale last Saturday was a success, as we raised over $300 for PA school events! 

Because of the great success of the bake sale, we are happy to announce that the coming year-end picnic on 6/15/19 will be FREE for every FCS/MCS student! Stay tuned for more details to come.

ANJCS Chess Contest held at the Princeton Chinese School on March 3rd

Congratulations to the winners of our in-school Chinese Chess competition! The winners will move on to the ANJCS Chinese Chess contest at Princeton Chinese School on March 3rd.

  1. 1st Place Raymond Jiang
  2. 2nd Place Evan Su
  3. 3rd Place Timothy Wong

What’s new!

A new vendor 金華手工包子饅頭 Golden China Steam Bun will come to school and hold a tasting of its buns at 1100am.

Following are some of its home-made products.

  1. 芝麻包Sesame bun
  2. 高麗菜香菇肉包Cabbage bun (Cabbage, shiitake with ground pork)
  3. 素菜包Vegetable bun (Cabbage, dried bean curd, carrot etc…)
  4. 筍香菇肉包Bamboo shoot bun (Bamboo shoot, shiitake with ground pork)
  5. 黑糖饅頭Brown sugar steamed bun
  6. 全麥饅頭Whole wheat steamed bun (whole wheat flour /walnut/cranberry/black sesame)
  7. 土豆肉丸Potato dumpling (potato, sweet potato powder, ground meat)
  8. 炸素春卷Fried vegetable spring roll

Reminder on PA Duty refund

Families must complete 4 PA Duties in order to be eligible for PA refund. There is no partial credit or refund. We are a few months away from last day of school, and there are still some available slots. http://signup.com/go/DAHqSJq

If you have any questions regarding your status, please email inquire with PA desk.

The following will be exempted from PA Duty service in exchange for their role as:

School Board, Staff and Teachers

2019 FASCA New York Training Camp

Experience culture, seek identity, expand ability, and develop your own leadership

Join FASCA! You will have an unforgettable growth this year!

Open to ages 14 to 18, refer to application for more details on registration and deadlines.

The training camp contains the two-day learning and training and a whole-year empowerment program. FASCA New York has specially invited outstanding faculty members in New York regions to constitute the tour lectures for both lively and vivid experience activities; after training, student is eligible to become member of the Formosa Association of Student Cultural Ambassadors, referred to as FASCA, in participation of the “Follow-up Empowerment Program.” Through the service and learning of Taiwan culture and overseas Chinese activities, the students have been cultivated and become a person possessing with strong culture senses and powerful leadership.




一、 紐約地區



3.培訓地點:紐約華僑文教服務中心(133-32 41st Road, Flushing, NY 11355)

聯絡人: Tammy Lee(tammyfasca@gmail.com)及David Kwang (FASCA.david@gmail.com)

二、 紐澤西地區



3.培訓地點:Days Hotel (195 Route 18 S East Brunswick, NJ 08816)

聯絡人: David Chen(chen.david66@gmai.com)及Tina Liu (tinaliu11@gmail.com)

Scholarship Opportunity

Writing and Photography Contest sponsor by writers square workshop

Gardes 1 – College

Writing contest in English and/or Chinese

See http://www.writerssquare.org/。for more details on contest dates and rules

Taiwan Art Bank from TECO

參加資格請詳參簡章規定,徵件期程自即日起至2019年2月28日,檢附申請簡章及契約書各1份供參,相關問題請逕洽文化部執行單位國立臺灣美術館聯絡人:張凌瑄小姐,電話886-4-2223-2220#212: 電子郵件: artbank@art.ntmofa.gov.tw

Weekly Announcements 2/3/19 – 2/9/19

Thank you to all that attended and supported our CNY Performance and Celebration. Our volunteers and students worked very hard to put on this special event, and we hope everyone had a good time. Please see below for performance and luncheon pictures courtesy of Jeff Wang.
https://www.flickr.com/photos/42553107@N06/sets/72157676164143617?from=singlemessage&isappinstalled=0Videos to be available soon!

Lost and Found!

Men’s Gold or gold plated chain necklace was found in cafeteria of school. Please stop by PA desk if this is yours, otherwise item will be placed in MMS lost and found after this week..

Marlboro Youth Exchange Program Clothing Drive

Happy New Year! Time to clean house and de-clutter. MYEP is having a Clothing Drive Fundraiser on Saturday, Feb 9th from 9am – 1pm.Bring clothing donations to school on Saturday. Drop off donations at the truck. Thank you for your support! Clothing is re-distributed to local communities – not shredded. Tax Receipts are available.We are also accepting applications for students ages 13 – 18 to travel to China this Summer through the Exchange Program.
Please see Wai Yuen for more information or visit the website:



School on-site Vendors: 林宮 Lin’s Palace
Online lunch catering is from: 川園 Empire Szechuan
To order online or view menu selections, go to https://goo.gl/forms/UJccIoMrqybRedmj1

Online lunch orders deadlines Friday 11am; In person order at PA desk 10:15am

All orders need cash payment at PA desk in the morning.

Lunch order available for pick up at PA desk @ 12:15pm

THANK YOU so much for all your dessert donations! We receive a lot of compliments.

If you love desserts and other specialty food, pls mark down 3/9/19on your calendar. We are having our bake sales that day. Pls come and support our school.

We will have 皮蛋瘦肉粥,西米露及各式糕點 a variety of food.

You’re encouraged to bring your own container and change on that day.

Remember: 3/9/19 is our BAKE SALES!

What’s new

A new vendor 金華手工包子饅頭 Golden China Steam Bun will come to school and hold a tasting of its buns on 3/2.

Following are some of their home-made products.

芝麻包Sesame bun

高麗菜香菇肉包Cabbage bun (Cabbage, shiitake with ground pork)

素菜包Vegetable bun (Cabbage, dried bean curd, carrot etc…)

筍香菇肉包Bamboo shoot bun (Bamboo shoot, shiitake with ground pork)

黑糖饅頭Brown sugar steamed bun

全麥饅頭Whole wheat steamed bun (whole wheat flour /walnut/cranberry/black sesame)

土豆肉丸Potato dumpling (potato, sweet potato powder, ground meat)

炸素春卷Fried vegetable spring roll

Weekly Announcements ending 1/26/19

CNY Tickets on sale, reserve your tickets on google form today and pay on Saturday 1/26!


Date & Time:1230pm-330pm, Saturday February 2nd, 2019

Location:Main Gym of Marlboro Middle School

Highlights:Sit-down banquet style lunch, live QBand performance and dancing, raffle drawings, carnival games, socializing and more.

No tickets will be sold on date of event!

1/26 – Cafeteria – Red envelope lantern folding with Pat Young

Ms Pat Young will be demonstrating red envelope lantern folding on 1/26/2019 Saturday from 9:45 to 10:45am. Participants are to bring their own red envelopes and a stapler. School will be selling special edition red envelopes and Chinese New Year decorations at Snack Table. Its best to use nice looking envelopes to fold and hang the resulting lantern in homes. Ms Pat Young also asked me to remind parents and members that if they wish to make a red envelope ball they will need 60 red envelopes, a fish will need 10, and other origami designs will require 10-20.


School on-site Vendors: 渤海村 Bohai Dumplings

Online lunch catering is from: 聚福軒 The Oriental Pan Asian Restaurant

To order online or view menu selections, go to https://goo.gl/forms/UJDJ6okQVAwA0Mju1

  • Online lunch orders deadlines Friday 11am; In person order at PA desk 10:15am
  • All orders need cash payment at PA desk in the morning.
  • Lunch order available for pick up at PA desk @ 12:15pm

Adults and Students wanted! Still some open slots for volunteers available.

Service hours will be provided to students

Saturday Feb 2, 2019 CNY Performance – on campus


Saturday Feb 2, 2019 CNY Party – Carnival (Make this a fun family volunteering event)


Needed by January 26, 2019

CNY Raffle and Carnival

Bring your donations to the PA/PTO desk. If you know of any business that is willing to donate gifts or gift certificates, please help us to collect the donations. We would need to collect all donations by January 26, 2019

CNY Dessert

Let’s make this party even more fun and festive by bringing some tasty treats to share. Stop by PA/PTO desk next Saturday and let us know what desserts you like to bring! Yum!

Paper Crafting for Chinese New Year on 1/27 Sun 9-10 pm Eastern Standard Time

Live Broadcast: https://www.facebook.com/huayuworld The Overseas Chinese Network of the Overseas Chinese Affairs Commission will hold a live broadcast of the “Pig Year Paper-cut” online from 10:00-11:00 am on January 28 ( Taiwan time), 1/27 Sun 9-10pm (Eastern Standard time) Mr. Cao Yaqing, will teach how to cut out the characters and patterns of the theme of “Spring Festival” and “Pig” in a simple way!

全球華文網線上教學分享直播活動-豬年剪紙】 再過幾個禮拜就是農曆春節了,不知道各位老師們打算如何佈置教室呢?而家長們要如何佈置家裡?下個年度在華人傳統文化「十二生肖」裡,正好輪到「豬」。可愛的小豬有圓滾滾的身體,模樣非常討喜! 「全球華文網」特別邀請多次擔任僑委會海外巡迴文化老師的「剪紙達人」 #曹雅晴 老師,教大家用簡單的手法剪出「#春節」、「#豬」等主題的漢字及圖樣,不僅可以佈置教室和家中牆壁,也可以運用於文化課程教學,請大家準備好色紙,一起在直播時間上線加入DIY的行列吧! 時間:108年1月28日 禮拜一 10:00-11:00(09:30開始連線測試) 講者:曹雅晴 老師 網址:直播路徑將於活動當天公佈於本粉絲專頁。

Upcoming Dates:

26th January 2019 – Lucky Red envelope lantern folding

1st February 2019 – CNY Off-Campus – Dugan Elementary, Marlboro Memorial and Hope Christian

2nd February 2019 – CNY On-Campus

Weekly Announcements ending 1/5/19

Chinese New Year is a few weeks away. Let’s celebrate together.

This year’s CNY Performance and lunch celebration will take place on Saturday February 2nd, 2019.

Tickets will only be sold this Saturday and on 1/26/19 at PA/PTO desk. Please make sure to stop by and reserve your seating during those times, as NO TICKETS will be sold on day of event.

See attached flyer for more details on CNY school celebration.


School on- site Vendors: 林宮 Lin’s Palace selling authentic Taiwanese food

Online lunch catering is from: 川園 Empire Szechuan

To order online or view menu selections, go to https://goo.gl/forms/HhJDpBJh2moIw9gi1

Online lunch orders deadlines Friday 11am; In person order at PA desk 10:15am

All orders need cash payment at PA desk in the morning.

Lunch order available for pick up at PA desk @ 12:15pm


Adult Yoga Class – this Saturday

Adult Yoga class registration will take place this Saturday, please stop by Culture desk or Treasury to fill registration form and submit payment prior to class start time 11:20am.

Culture Performing Class Rehearsal Schedule before CNY – January 12 and January 26

In preparation for our CNY performance on Feb 2nd, culture class will be held at regularly scheduled time, in addition teachers will have student performers practice on stage during the following scheduled class rehearsal times. All rehearsals will be held in the Auditorium. Due to the number of rehearsals some class rehearsal will be extended until 1pm during the rehearsal period.

12th Jan & 26th Jan

11:45 – 12:00 – Children’s Culture

12:00 – 12:20 – Kung Fu

12:20 – 12:40 – Children’s Tai Chi

12:40 – 1:00 – Yo-Yo

Seeking donations for our CNY Raffle and Carnival

Please contact Ada or Sanjoe or bring your donations to the PA/PTO desk. If you know of any business that is willing to donate gifts or gift certificates, please help us to collect the donations. We would need to collect all donations by January 26, 2019

Calling TAs, Parents, and Alumni! Please review the sign up links below and see how you can help! Service hours will be provided to students

Saturday Feb 2, 2019 CNY Performance – on campus


Saturday Feb 2, 2019 CNY Party – Carnival


Friday Feb 1, 2019 – CNY Performance – off campus


Upcoming Dates:

19th January 2019 – No School

1st February 2019 – CNY Off-Campus – Dugan Elementary, Marlboro Memorial and Hope Christian

2nd February 2019 – CNY On-Campus

Weekly Updates:

November Events

There will be no access to the gym on Saturday 11/3/18! Basketball club is cancelled this Saturday

Attention all YoYo students, please remain in the cafeteria after the break. Teachers will accommodate students to an alternate space in school for class.

Multi-Cultural Day!

On Sunday, November 18th 2018, FCS will be hosting the annual Marlboro Multi-Cultural Day! Volunteers are needed for the following slots:

~Stage Crew 12PM – 3PM

~School Tables 3PM – 5PM

FCS and MCS will have two tables representing Taiwan and Hong Kong, respectively.

Students who volunteer will receive community service hours issued by the Township. Reminder, if you would like to be certified for the Presidential Volunteer Service candidate, you are required to have at least 30% of your total volunteer hours allocated to FCS/MCS school event. This event would suffice!

In you are interested, please see the Co-Cultural Director Sui Allex OR email Mcsculture@gmail.com or mcstreasurer8@gmail.com.

Mayor and BOE Candidate Visit!

On October 20th, 2018, we are calling out all families! We need representation from our school if you want to have the township hear us! This will be an opportunity for the school members to have their voices heard. The BOE delegates will inform us how they can help our school program reach a wider audience! You can also ask them personal questions or concerns you may have.


All visitors are welcome to stay in the cafeteria. However, for other access throughout the school, you must have either a school ID badge or visitor badge. The School ID badge will be scanned at the security desk. In order to obtain your visitor badge, you will need to state your purpose for access and are required to sign in at the office and wear visitor’s badge. Our security monitors have been instructed to question anyone not wearing a badge. This is to ensure the safety of ALL students and anyone in the school from danger.

Student Pickup

Any parent or guardian who has to pick up his/her child should notify the teacher in advance. We ask that parents be respectful in class and avoid disruption of class by waiting for your child in the cafeteria and NOT in the class. Please help us by insuring you arrive 10 minutes before dismissal time (12:15PM). Thank you!

Click below to download.

Calendar 2018-2019




9/29/2018 CAMEL Mid-Autumn Festival

Janice Chao represents Fidelity Chinese School to perform Chinese YoYo at CAMEL Mid-Autumn Festival at Marlboro Recreation Center.  Photo provided by Jeff Wang.


Weekly Updates:

Thank you for Another Successful Year at FCS!   

Registration is open for the 2018-2019 school year!

We have new cultural classes offered this year, but space is limited, so please register ASAP! If you send in the payment before July 15th, you will avoid the $25 late fee! 

If you are unsure which language class to register your child, please contact the language department for further assistance. 

Register here: https://www.njfcs.org/login/


Secretary: Job is to record meeting notes during Board meetings (quarterly)

IT Director: Job is to lead and provide support for the Student IT team who are responsible to maintain and update the website and social media.

Reminder: FCS family members enrolled with school 3+ years are required to serve on either the staff, teacher, or Board. 


FCS Monmouth Chinese Summer Camp Ages 5 – 14

If you want further information or want to register, please see the link below. Camp instruction will be taught in both Chinese and English so knowing Chinese is not required.

Camp Info and Registration 


Congratulations to the following students for their outstanding performance in the ANJCS Calligraphy Competition (新澤西州中文學校校際書法比賽)!

Group 3: 

3rd Place: Janie Lee (李巧鈴)

Group 4:

Honorable Mention: Candace Luo (蘿禮洹)

2nd Place: Philippe Chao (趙浩言) 

Group 5:

3rd Place: Chloe Eng (伍之恬)

2nd Place: Amanda Eng (伍之怡)

Celebrating the Fidelity Chinese School Spirit!

We are so honored to have such amazing students in our school who constantly continue to promote our tradition and spirit within our school. Below are special recognition/awards to the following students:

Congratulations to 袁正柔  Jonathan Yuen for taking first place at the ANJCS Multimedia/Story/Cultural Presentation!

The art of Chinese Yo-Yo is spreading into the communities! Thank you to the following students who have volunteered to teach Chinese Yo-Yo to the Freehold Borough Students in the 21st century after school program:

  • Janice Chao
  • Justin Chen
  • Jared Chiou
  • Aaron Lee
  • Preston Peng
  • Alex Tai

PA Refund Reminder!

If you have not fulfilled your requirements, please sign up ASAP!

All sign-ups must be enrolled before two weeks. Please do not wait until last minute as PA duty slots may be taken!

PA Refund Requirements

  • Families with 1 student: 1 event duty and 1 PA duty
  • Families with 2 students: 1 event duty and 1 PA duty + 1 event or PA duty (3 total)
  • Families with 3 students: 1 event duty and 1 PA duty + 2 event of PA duty (4 total)

If you have not performed any event duty, the PA department has allowed for you to satisfy the event duty with a PA duty. 

SIgn-up link: http://signup.com/go/TVMmgST

Congratulations to our FCS Students on the ANJCS YoYo Competition! c

Senior Division: 

2nd- Jared Chiou

3rd- Jonathan Yuen

Junior Division:

1st- Janice Chao

2nd- Alexander Tai

Junior Double:

1st- Aaron Lee and Alexander Tai

Senior Double:

1st- Jared Chiou and Jonathan Yuen

3rd- Stephanie Yuen and Tiffany Yuen

49th World School Children’s Art Exhibitions

FCS has been invited to participate in the 49th World School Children’s Art Exhibition held from Sep. 15 to Sep. 26 in Taipei, The Republic of China (Taiwan). This is open to 6-15 years old.

See the following link for contest details!  https://www.taiwanembassy.org/vc_en/post/1549.html

If your child is interested, please contact: board_members@njfcs.org  Art work should be submitted to the culture department, Herb Gordon or Ushma Patel, by April 7th, 2018. 

Playbill Cover Winner

Congratulations to Charlene Leung for her winning submission for our CNY Playbill Cover contest and prize of $50 gift card! It was a very close race, and since we received so many wonderful submissions, each of the submission will also be featured in our playbill.

Special thank you to our runner ups : Alicia Lo, Candace Luo, Lea Lai,Stephanie Yuen, who will receive a gift card from starbucks for their submissions.


Writer’s Scholarship Contest

歡迎來到寫作廣場!寫作廣場的中、英文寫作比賽獎學 金計劃,適用於所有在校的學生,從小學一年級到學 士、碩士和博士生。每年舉辦多次的中、英文寫作比 賽,每類別的語文各有三個參賽時段。

Writers’ Square holds multiple scholarship contests every year for enrolled students from 1st grade through graduate school. There are two contests (English language and Chinese language), with three sessions per year for each language. Go to http://www.writerssquare.org for more details

Session 1: Character (Written in English or Chinese)

Topic: If you could be a character from a movie, TV show, or book, who would you be and why?

Contest and voting begins: 12:01 AM PDT on January 1, 2018

Contest and voting ends: 11:59 PM PDT on March 31, 2018

Session 1 winners announced: April 30, 2018

1/10/2018 NBA Taiwan Heritage Night -National Anthem and YoYo Performance

Super proud of FCS YoYo Team’s amazing performance in Barclays Center during a NBA game, Nets vs. Raptors on 1/8/2018 Taiwanese Heritage Night. Fidelity Chinese School was so fortunate to be invited again after last year’s successful national anthem performance. During the winter break, these performers spent their valuable time together practicing, creating choreography based on “I love Taiwan” theme while showing their awesome skills. Special thanks to Fidelity Alumnus Brian Chin for creating the wonderful choreography, Derek Hsu and Kevin Lam for leading the performance. Amongst 11 performers, 7 of them have won New Jersey YoYo competitions in the past. The participants are, Brian Chin, Kevin Lam, Derek Hsu, Preston Peng, Jonathan Yuen, Jared Chiou, Alexander Tai, Aaron Lee, Brian Lo, Roy Lai, and Tyler Chen.


After last year’s successful national anthem performance, FCS was invited again to perform the national anthem. This year, the choir was led by Katherine Ho and FCS alumni Faith Liu who was kind enough to delay her flight to direct the choir. In addition to FCS Choir members, we were so honored to have MasterChef finalist Jason J. Wang to join us from Boston. Not only Jason was a chef, he is also a professional classical singer.