10/25/2014 Cover Letter

中文 Fidelity Chinese School

高級會話班Advanced Conversation






  • Quiz: study guide (I. public places, profession, people in the town, II. Q & A match up)
  • 第五課: 我們的社區 71 – A Model for Presentation, Kuai Ban Shu
  • Lyrics & Song: small town story (鄧麗君, Teresa Deng), posted on edmodo
  • Presentation – introduce a town (use thinglink)

-12 facts about a town – XXX

-sample (teacher made) https://www.thinglink.com/scene/582387332125032449, posted on edmodo




  1. Quiz 11/1: study guide – sentence making
  2. Quiz 11/1: recite第五課: 我們的社區 71 – A Model for Presentation by memory
  3. Reading Comprehension worksheet: My town – Edison
  4. Preview 4-page handouts




  • We have started to record points on learning passport, please refer to the booklet for how to earn your points.
  • Please bring your laptop with battery fully charged to classroom next Saturday 11/1 since you will use it to work on presentation project on thinglink – introduce a town.
  • Midterm is on 11/15, study guide will be posted 11/1 ; Presentation “Introduce a town” is on the same day 11/15




spchen5@yahoo.com Phone: 732-591-9583

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