11/1/2014 Cover Letter

中文 Fidelity Chinese School

高級會話班Advanced Conversation






  • Quiz: sentence making
  • Quiz: recite unit 5 pp. 71 presentation paragraph by memory
  • video clip: 老外說中文
  • teach preview hw handouts: directions, world, continents, country, city, live at city/suburb
  • worksheet/group points
  • Lyrics & Song: small town story (鄧麗君, Teresa Deng)
  • thinglink presentation – introduce a town

– select the city/town

-12 facts about the town, fact sentences, picture links and video links

– sample (teacher made) https://www.thinglink.com/scene/582387332125032449




  1. 11/15 thinklink presentation – introduce a town XXX (submit your thinglink website link to edmodo by 11/15)
  2. midterm 11/22: study guide will be posted on edmodo this weekend




  • 11/8 no school: NJ teacher’s convention
  • Please bring your laptop or tablet with battery fully charged to classroom next Saturday 11/1.




spchen5@yahoo.com Phone: 732-591-9583

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