2015 Chinese New Year Special 新年表演特輯

Weekly Comm. 2/22-2/28/2015CNY PerformanceOff Campus at MarELOff Campus at FIS2015 CNY Decoration Project


  1. spring 2015 CNY Performance and Lunch Party is a great success thanks to all of you! Staff and I have received tons of praises from VIPs, guests, friends, students and many of you. Thanks again for all your support and great team effort!
  2. springBe sure to check out the photos and videos taken during CNY Performance as well as Off campus Performances at MarEL and Freehold Intermediate School at other tabs. Note that you can find the complete PLAYLIST when clicking on upper left corner
  3. spring Teachers will give red envelopes for all students!
  4. Found a pair of glasses after CNY performance. See lost&found section for the picture and contact dchang@njfcs.org
  5. Multimedia contest date for H1-H3 is on 2/28/15, for CSL-A and CSL-Conv is on 3/8/15. Please return the registration form to Language Dept ASAP (H1), by 2/28/15 (CSL).
  6. 慈濟盃演講比賽將於四月十八日(週六)舉行。請老師詢問或推薦是否有學生願意參加。03/21/15 前報名。
  7. 兒童華語文能力測驗 information website, 華測模擬試題免費下載: http://www.sc-top.org.tw/mocktest.php and 兒測模擬試題免費下載: http://cccc.sc-top.org.tw/
  8. 民俗文化種子教師在地培訓, 培訓時間為2015年3月8日下午1時30分至4時30份(1時15分報到),地點在紐澤西Pitscatway圖書館(500 Hoes Ln Piscataway Township, NJ 08854)。課程內容包括:甜米糕品嘗、圓扇製作及舞蹈、國畫教學。報名方式:採線上報名,http://goo.gl/6NjjF1網站報名,活動密碼:0308。 報名時間自即日起至3月5日止。


Upcoming Events and Activities

  • 02/28 Regular Class (H1-H3 Multimedia Contest)
  • 03/07 Regular Class (CSL Multimedia Contest)
  • 03/14 Regular Class
  • 03/21 Regular Class (Midterm)

Parent Association

  1. Lunch order: Koo https://www.njfcs.org/lunch-order/ Online Order by Thursday 9:00 PM
  2. Food vendor:
    • 渤海村
    • 楊先生 Mr. Yang’s Bakery

Lost and found

In the news: 大紀元 維德中校新年聯歡 眾學生大展才藝

Chinese New Year Performance Video 2/21

Watch this playlist on YouTube

Video Credit: Frank Lee

2015 CNY Performance Album 1

click to see more photos

2015 FCS CNY Performance Album - 1
Photo Credit: Jimmy Yuen

2015 CNY Performance Album 2

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Photo Credit: Peter Lim

2015 CNY Party Album

Photo Credit: Kuanlin Cheng


Off Campus Performance 2/20 at Marlboro Elementary School

Watch this playlist on YouTube

Video Credit: Frank Lee

2015 Off Campus Performance at MarEL Album

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Photo Credit: Jimmy Yuen

Off Campus Performance 2/20 at Freehold Intermediate School

Watch this playlist on YouTube

Video Credit: Frank Lee

2015 Off Campus Performance at FIS Album

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Photo Credit: Jimmy Yuen
  • Project lead: Bonnie Tang (唐音老師 FCS Principal 2008-2009)
  •  Volunteers
    • Alexandra Hsueh (薛越容 同學)
    • Elaine Baho (Offcampus program coordinator)
  • Location: Cafeteria
  • Time: 9:30 AM to 11:15 AM Every Saturday starting from 1/24/2015

spring The “A-Team” –  Alexandra, Elaine and Bonnie (left to right)


spring1/11/2015 –  The design is finalized and I have the fabric cut. It is going to be 8’2″ high and 7′ wide.  Basically, I will cut out the details using gold stick-ons piecesand will need people and a large space to put them on.  The final piece will need a lot of stapling to secure the gold pieces. – Bonnie


spring1/14/2015 – start recruiting volutneers

spring 1/16

IMG_0008 IMG_0009 IMG_0013 IMG_0011



spring 1/19


spring1/31/2015 – project kick-off with volunteers!

IMG_0027 IMG_0023 IMG_0021 IMG_0025


spring2/8/2015 –  masterpiece completed!



spring2/21/2015 –  debut at CNY Performance! Yes, the masterpiece is huge!


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