2015 MCCSC Communication – Thank you and See you next year!

Web Version of this communication can be found at https://www.njfcs.org/2015-mccsc-communication-thank-you-and-see-you-next-year/

Dear MCCSC campers and parents,

Thanks again for your support of participation of 2015 MCCSC. It’s been a fun and educational week and I hope your children enjoy it!

Here I would also like to thank all MCCSC teachers, TAs and staff for their hard works, dedication and commitment as well as Culture Center of TECO in New York (紐約華僑文教服務中心) for their continuous support and sponsorship.


  1. Photos are now available to view and download at http://photo.njfcs.org/index.php?/category/44 (photos by Timothy Zhou)
    • all photos are now easier to view/download. It’s categorized into Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, Day 4, Showcase Performance and Group Photos.
  2. Tax receipt – please email summercamp2015@njfcs.org if you haven’t received yours
  3. TA certificates – please email summercamp2015@njfcs.org if you haven’t received yours
  4. Lost and found – found a pair of dolls and a pink handbag (picture below) – please email summercamp2015@njfcs.org

Thank you and I look forward to seeing you all again in 2016!

Derek Chang 張偉程

2015 MCCSC Summer Camp Director


Class Teacher/Staff TA
民族舞蹈 Folk Dance Hsueh-Fang Huang 黃雪芳 Erica Lee

Erica Lin

民俗體育 Folk Sports Chuan-Chung Chen 陳傳宗 Anthony Lu

Grant Li

手工藝術 Craft Sophia Yuan 劉荊門 Melissa Chen

Jerome Li

多種繪畫 Drawing Christy Lam 林憶文 Daren Feng

Lani Lee

團體活動 Fun Game Shumei Kuo 郭淑玫 Timothy Zhou

Emily Huang

Home Room 1  – Sue Lai 賴淑華 Jerry huang

Danielle Lo

Home Room 2  – Michelle Lu 盧惠芳 Diane Chang

Maxwell Hampei

Home Room 3  – Mei-Lin Chang 張美林 Andy Poon
營長 Camp Director Derek Chang 張偉程
副營長 Deputy Camp Director Shuhui Chiou 邱淑慧
顧問 Camp Advsior Chimin Hu 胡際敏
FirstAid Selina Lin 周淑貞
Food Manager Peter Lu 呂子正
Student Helper Stanley Lin

Candace Luo

Sophia Huseh

Photographer Timothy Zhou

Stanley Lin




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