Weekly Updates:

November Events

There will be no access to the gym on Saturday 11/3/18! Basketball club is cancelled this Saturday

Attention all YoYo students, please remain in the cafeteria after the break. Teachers will accommodate students to an alternate space in school for class.

Multi-Cultural Day!

On Sunday, November 18th 2018, FCS will be hosting the annual Marlboro Multi-Cultural Day! Volunteers are needed for the following slots:

~Stage Crew 12PM – 3PM

~School Tables 3PM – 5PM

FCS and MCS will have two tables representing Taiwan and Hong Kong, respectively.

Students who volunteer will receive community service hours issued by the Township. Reminder, if you would like to be certified for the Presidential Volunteer Service candidate, you are required to have at least 30% of your total volunteer hours allocated to FCS/MCS school event. This event would suffice!

In you are interested, please see the Co-Cultural Director Sui Allex OR email Mcsculture@gmail.com or mcstreasurer8@gmail.com.

Mayor and BOE Candidate Visit!

On October 20th, 2018, we are calling out all families! We need representation from our school if you want to have the township hear us! This will be an opportunity for the school members to have their voices heard. The BOE delegates will inform us how they can help our school program reach a wider audience! You can also ask them personal questions or concerns you may have.


All visitors are welcome to stay in the cafeteria. However, for other access throughout the school, you must have either a school ID badge or visitor badge. The School ID badge will be scanned at the security desk. In order to obtain your visitor badge, you will need to state your purpose for access and are required to sign in at the office and wear visitor’s badge. Our security monitors have been instructed to question anyone not wearing a badge. This is to ensure the safety of ALL students and anyone in the school from danger.

Student Pickup

Any parent or guardian who has to pick up his/her child should notify the teacher in advance. We ask that parents be respectful in class and avoid disruption of class by waiting for your child in the cafeteria and NOT in the class. Please help us by insuring you arrive 10 minutes before dismissal time (12:15PM). Thank you!

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Calendar 2018-2019




9/29/2018 CAMEL Mid-Autumn Festival

Janice Chao represents Fidelity Chinese School to perform Chinese YoYo at CAMEL Mid-Autumn Festival at Marlboro Recreation Center.  Photo provided by Jeff Wang.


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