9/13/2014 cover letter

中文 Fidelity Chinese School

高級會話班Advanced Conversation






  • Opening Ceremony
  • Review & game: profession vocab and expression
  • Expressions for telling opinion, cause/effect, contradiction, in addition (我覺得/因為/所以/可是/也/還有)
  • Discussion
  • Prepare self introduction presentation




  1. Prepare a presentation to introduce yourself. “自我介紹” (zì wǒ jiè shào).  Presentation will be made in class 9/20.  It will be counted as project grade.

-Please include the topics about favorites (sports, leisure activities, foods -Chinese and Western, etc), grade, school, age and any topics appropriate.

-Please apply descriptive words, frequency words, degree words and sentence extension word to perfect your presentation.

-Use index cards with bullet items only, no sentences and phrases

  1. Practice quizlet.com flash card: 工作 – occupation (FCS)




  • Please sign and return the sheet for school rules.
  • Textbook to be used after “Everyday Chinese book III” is under research.
  • I have created user id for each of you on quizlet.com (will be used for homework and study) and edmodo.com (will be used for class communication/discussion and enrichment). Your user name is FirstnameLastname14 (e.g. NathanLo14), password is CSL2014Sep.  You should change password after first time login. ***Amanda’s user name is AmandaYu1409 ***
  • Grading Policy:

-Homework: 10%

-Class Participation: 20% (class participation, Edmodo participation)

-Quiz: 10%

-Project: 20%  (speech contest, multimedia contest, class project)

-Midterm: 20%

-Final: 20%



spchen5@yahoo.com Phone: 732-591-9583

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