9/6/2014 Cover Letter

中文Fidelity Chinese School 高級會話班Advanced Conversation 09/6/2014 二零一四年九月   大家好,開學了,很高興和大家見面,歡迎大家到高級會話班來!今年我們要一起學習和分享又有趣又有用的主題!我們一起努力加油吧!   Hello, everybody, glad to see you!  Welcome to Advanced Conversation class.  There are interesting topics this year for us to explore, learn and share with each other.  Let’s work hard for having a wonderful year!


  • Introduction/welcome; go over classroom guidelines, rules; email for edmodo and quizlet setups
  • Introduce self
  • Review degree words: 最/非常/真/有一點兒/一點兒也不
  • Review frequency words:天天/常常/有時候/從來不
  • Review sentence extension words: 可是/因為…所以
  • Celebrate Mid-Autumn festival: mooncake and music
  • Teach profession vocabulary and expression


  1. Prepare a presentation to introduce yourself.  “自我介紹”.  Presentation will be made in class 9/20.

-Please include the topics about favorites (sports, leisure activities, foods -Chinese and Western, school subjects, etc), grade, school, age and any topics appropriate.

-Please apply descriptive words, frequency words, degree words and sentence extension word to perfect your presentation.

-Use index cards with bullet items only, no sentences and phrases

  1. Review profession vocabulary and expression.  You will be called in class to answer questions.

-write 2 times with characters, pinyin and English

-practice quizlet.com flash card: 工作 – occupation (FCS)  


  • Next week (09/13) the FCS School Opening ceremony will take placeat 9:30 am.  Please go directly to the main Auditorium.
  • Please sign and return the sheet for school rules.  Please make sure you go to our class website on https://www.njfcs.org to find out each week’s homework and assignment.
  • A note about the textbook: We will continue to use the “Everyday Chinese book III” as our textbook.  Please bring it with you each time you come to the class.
  • Supplies for advanced conversation class:

-one composition notebook

-one 2 inches binder with line paper

-sharpened pencils and eraser

  • We will be using quizlet (online electronic flash cards) for vocabulary study and edmodo for class communication.  Each student needs to provide me an email address to create user id.  Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

陳慧雯 spchen5@yahoo.com Phone: 732-591-9583

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