2015 Mother’s Day Celebration – “Pampering Day for Mom”

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In addition to my fellow  very enthusiastic and dedicated event committee members, I’d like to thank Kalea Harriot, Wendy’s daughter who shared all of  her own nail polish and accessories as well as her talent with us,  Daniel Lee for coming to do portraits (sorry there wasn’t a better response), Teacher Ma for the Samba and Cha-Cha lessons, Jun and PA for helping with the tables and getting us set up and everyone else for their support and for pitching in during set up and clean up.  Hope you enjoyed the event as well!

Culture Director

Culture Director Position

Administrative Duties:

  • Finalize culture class registration and make necessary changes to the Culture Department Class Rosters
  • Update Culture Department slides for Opening Ceremony and 1st General Meetings
  • Prepare a budget for the Culture Dept.
  • Evaluate requests for supplies, costumes, etc. from Culture teachers.
  • Prepare sign-in sheets for TA’s, SI’s, GSI’s and Culture Teachers
  • Prepare two payrolls for Culture Teachers
  • Coordinate Chinese New Year and Year End Performances
  • Work with Off-Campus Coordinator on Off-Campus Performance logistics
  • Prepare and issue Community Service, Year End Awards and Certificates for students, TA’s, SI’s.
  • Provide Cultural Performances for events such as Multi-cultural Day, ACS Conference, Senior Fun Day and other events as requested.
  • Plan and conduct several Culture Department Meetings as needed
  • TA/ SI/ GSI Applications updated, modified, distributed. Collect and discuss with Culture Teachers.  Notify approved candidates and their teachers.
  • Act as liason between culture teachers, TA’s, SI’s, students and parents
  • Serve as an FCS Board Member and support the Principal and school


  • Marlboro Day – coordinate with PA Director to set up a tent, table, banner and ask Yo-Yo TA’s and SI’s to take turns demonstrating yo-yo. Peter Peng provides yo-yo’s for sale to the general public.  Space is reserved by Deputy Mayor Hui-min Shen for the 3 Chinese Schools.
  • Chinese Mid-Autumn festival (Marlboro HS) – Works with FCS Principal on a joint committee with other Chinese with other Chinese Schools and Jireh Church. Moon cake sampling, performance and kite flying competition.
  • Update Enrollment Rosters with Add/Change Forms. Issue Rosters to all Culture Teachers.
  • Update Culture Section of FCS Directory for Secretary.
  • Update Culture Slides for Opening Ceremony & First General Meeting


  • Organize FCS Volunteers for Multi-Cultural Day. Meetings already in progress since end of Summer.
  • Meet with CNY Off Campus Coordinator to begin planning


  • Multi-Cultural Day (usually 1st week of November) – Represent FCS on Marlboro Township MCD Planning Committee.
  • First Culture Teacher Meeting – Begin planning On Campus CNY Performance



  • Draft Performance Flow and disseminate to Performance Coordinators for review


  • Second Culture Meeting to finalize CNY On and Off Campus Performance Details


  • Chinese Lunar New Year On and Off Campus Performances

End of March/April

  • Update TA/GTA/SI/GSI application forms and send email to ALL eligible students (entering Grade 9 and above). Language and Culture send two different forms. Forms are due back by mid-May so Culture Teachers know who they have for the next year.


  • Begin planning with Culture Teachers for end of year performance.


  • Senior Fun Day – Work with other township non-profit groups to put on a show, and give prizes to local seniors. Provide 2 Performances and possibly assigned another task as needed.
  • Finalize End of Year Performance Flow – 1 hour performance. Not all culture classes participate.  Meet with Language Department Director/Principal to coordinate with
  • Update Years of Service for Culture Teachers – Need this for ACS Conference (Memorial Day Weekend) and FCS teacher recognition (Year-end)

June  (New Culture Director and Asst. Director Assist with these tasks)

  • Schedule Rehearsals for End of Year Performance
  • Inform TA’s & SI’s of their application status after discussion with Culture Teachers


  • Certificates/Awards and program for Year End Performance
  • Issue Community Service Letters to all TA’s & SI’s
  • Prepare Thank You Gifts to Accompany Community Service Letters for TA’s & SI’s
  • Thank you gifts for Volunteer Teachers
  • End of Year Payroll

ALN Updated 3/8/2015




FCS weekly communication 8/31-9/6/2014

Web version of this email can be found at FCS Weekly Communication 8/31-9/6/2014


  1. 9/6/2014 is our first day of school! Welcome back and look forward to seeing you all!
  2. Our website has a new look! https://www.njfcs.org – any suggestions/questions, please email webmaster@njfcs.org
  3. For 2014-15, FCS will combine all communications, Lunch order/vendor/department updates, into a single weekly email. Weekly communication will be accessible FCS Homepage under Weekly Communication (as shown in screenshot #1 below)
  4. Family oriented activities and small communities, we will have several activities such as ice cream day, picture day, rice ball day in 2014-15! Dates are currently TBD and will be communicated 2 weeks before.
  5. Registration: we will set up a desktop at the front desk for walk-in registration on 9/6 and 9/13
  6. FCS Clubs: we have several clubs for parents and alumni – find out how to join in the FCS Clubs section.
  7. As usual Class starting time for K and Pre-K is 9:45 AM while all other classes will begin at 9:30 AM
  8. As always FCS needs your support. Please email principal@njfcs.org to volunteer!

Upcoming Events

  • 開學 School begins on 9/6/2014
  • 行事曆 2014-15 calendar https://www.njfcs.org/fcs-calendar/
  • 開學典禮 Opening ceremony 9/13
  • Marlboro Day 9/14
  • 新北市教育局參訪 10/4

Parent association 

Language/Culture Department

  • Reminder: Class starting time for K and Pre-K is 9:45 AM while all other classes will begin at 9:30 AM as usual
  • Speech contest:  It will take place on the first semester and date can be found on the school calendar page
  • Teacher/Classroom assignment – can be found at the table-1 below. Floor map can be found at https://www.njfcs.org/language-dept/ under Classroom Assignment Tab or download here
  • Teachers’ page and cover letter: Every teacher now has his/her own homepage. Cover letter can be accessed there. Teachers’ page can be accessed from the school homepage then hover over Teachers button.

FCS Clubs

Screenshot-1 – Weekly Communication

Class Teacher Class Room
PreK 萬淑儀 Sally Yeh 230
K 吳亭萩 Ting-Chiu WU 231
1 梁薰方 Charlotte Liang 239
2 盧惠芳 Michelle Lu 238
3 謝長青 Chang-Chin Yao 236
4 陳淑玲 Shwulin Chen 241
5 張藍心 Aimi Cho 245
6 郭淑玫 Shumei Kuo 242
7 趙炎炘 Yen-Hsin Yick 243
8 戴麗如 Julia Tai 244
H1 許淑琴 ShwuChyn Yu 250
H2 吳幸蓉 Singlong Wu 251
H3 方水月 Sueiyue Huang 252
CSL-B 林憶文 Christy Lam 233
CSL-I 房玲玲 Linlin Fang 232
CLS-A 章露恩 Ruth Lin 235
ADV-C 陳慧雯 Sophia Chen 234

Table-1 – Classroom and Teacher assignment

Marlboro Day Check list

  • Tent  & FCS Banner (s)- bring string, tape, plastic ties to secure banner (s)
  • 3-4 folding chairs
  • 2 banquet size folding tables (one to hold Yo-Yo’s if you are displaying and selling) the other for other FCS Literature and give-aways/display
  • water for volunteers
  • confirm with this year’s Yo-Yo team captain(s) which TA’s/SI’s are volunteering. The Team Captains set up the schedule.
  • Check if Peter will be there, prices of yo-yo’s and have some start-up cash for change and a cash box.
  • confirm who will be sitting at the table, setting up, and breaking down.
  • bring pens, registration forms, an intake form to sign up interested families or get more information to them.
  • Plastic table cloths
  • Photos or video of school activities for display

Vendor Confirmation Marlboro Day 2014