20140817-board meeting notes

NJFCS Board Meeting Notes (理事會記錄)

August 17, 2014 (3pm~6pm) at Morganville Senior Center

  • Attendee:      

Principal:                                  Derek Chang (張偉程)

Vice Principal:                          Charlie Yu (俞思煒)

Language Director:                    Frank Lee (李芳坤)

Deputy Language Director:        Shuhua Lai (賴淑華)

Cultural Director:                      Charlie Yu (俞思煒)

Deputy Cultural Director:          Alice Ng (梁婉儀)

Sherry Yuen

Treasurer:                                 Sabrina Rivere (曾碧靜)

Deputy Treasurer:                     Tina Rubin (楊智婷)

IT Director:                              Ho-Chi Chen (陳和其)

PA Director:                             Jun Fang (方俊)

Former Principal:                      Kuan-Lin Cheng (鄭冠玲)

Secretary:                                 Vicky Chen (陳琬琪)


  • Updated the school calendar (Please see the attached file.)
  • Registration:
  1. So far we have around 20 students been registered.
  2. The reminder e-mail needs to be send out.
  3. Set-up a registration desk on the 1st day of school (9/6/2014).
  4. Be ready to accept the new registration for the next school year (2015/2016) around the beginning of May 2015.
  5. Need to recruit more students (Utilize different promotions)
  6. We will accept students who only register the cultural classes, but we would not broadcast it. ($200 tuition for cultural class only, plus $70 other fees.)
  7. We may consider to raise the tuition for next year.
  • Cultural Classes:
  1. Still looking for the teacher of “Creative Drawing”class.
  2. We need to encourage the parents to have more involvement with cultural events.
  • Others:
  1. Fundraising (Try to find more sponsors; having food sales on traditional Chinese holiday, 元宵節義賣湯圓, 端午節義賣粽子 etc.…)
  2. The preparation of Marlboro Day (9/7/2014).
  3. Some parents are not aware of our adult programs, we may need to do more advertisement about it.

A webpage will be created for the better communication between parents & teachers.


To do

  1. volunteers
    • collect list of volunteers
    • contact volunteers
    • assign parents to volunteering group – duty, PTA and culture
  2. Communication – weekly communication
    • template
    • designated sender
  3. Marlboro Day 2014
  4. Family activities
  5. Merger