7th Grade 9/26/2015 Week 3 Cover letter

2015-2016 維德中文學校 七年級 第三週 (9/26/2015)
本週上課內容 : (content)
1. 中秋節
2. 美洲華語第七冊第一課 : 課文問答,生字(蛋務炸切雞)和造詞
3. 同字音異用法
4. 食物的分類
5. 美洲華語作業本第一課第三週:作業講解
本週作業: (homework)
1. 美洲華語作業本第一課第三週(p13-18) (Mei Zhou Chinese Workbook p13-18)
2. 生字一張(務炸切雞) (practicing word-1 page 4words)
3. 準備下週小考: 生字(蛋務炸切雞)和造句 (Next week exam: 5 words to make phrases and make sentences)
下週注意事項: (10/3/2015 Announcements)
1. 交作業(作業本第一課第三週) (Hand in homework)
2. 小考 : 生字->造詞和造句 (Quiz : words to make phrases and make sentences)
3. 請帶美洲華語作業本第一課第四週3張 (p19-24) (Please bring Mei Zhou Chinese Workbook p19-24)

If you have any questions, please contact me @ phone: 732-447-8445 or Email: eunicelpan@yahoo.com
7th grade teacher : 劉淑慧 (Eunice)

FCS Weekly Communication 9/20-9/26/2015



  1. Marlboro Day volunteer –  YoYo team led by Peter Peng did a fantastic job on demonstrating their yoyo skills. Preston Peng, Jarod Chiou, Jonathan Yuan, Andrew Ceng, Sam Rivere and Nathan Lo, thank you for your volunteering! We drew the most crowd among all the schools at the show! 

Upcoming Events

  • 9/27 regular class
  • 10/3 regular class
  • 10/10 no class

Parent Association 

Language/Culture Department

  • REMINDER: All FCS teachers, parents and students are NOT to use the ActivBoard and anything on the teacher’s desk in the classroom. The violator will be responsible for the replacement if damaged.

  • Kung Fu class needs a TA with following requirements: at least 2 years training in any Martial arts style, high school age and commitment to showing up every Saturday. FCS offers Community Service credit.

  • Monmouth Medical Center will be hosting next MJM cardiac and concussion screening event on Saturday 10/3 from 8am to 12Noon.  This is a great event for  kids in our communities and it’s free.  Please help to promote this event.   

    The cardiac screening consist of baseline BP measurement and an EKG exam which is not required by law for a sport’s physical exam and currently not covered by insurance.  The baseline concussion test (ImPACT) ,  a 30 minute computer exam tracks memory, concentration, speed and reaction time .  In the event a child sustains concussion in the future, their physician can use this as a tool for treatment planning and monitor recovery progress to cleared the child for return to play.


    Cardiac Screening – 6 to 18 years old

    Concussion Screening – 12 years old and up

    Registration is required:

    Email teamlink@barnabashealth.org – to register and schedule an appointment time

PA Department

 Ivy League Day Camp in Manalapan offers programs for children 2- 15 years old.

Campers come to Ivy League for the fun!  We want campers to be the BEST THEY CAN BE in a safe and nurturing environment. Ivy League Day Camp has been accredited by The American Camp Association for over 40 years. At Ivy League Day Camp experienced and caring role models (counselors) are constantly encouraging campers and building their self-esteem through well rounded supervised activities.

  • PA duty

    Please report to PA desk at 9:35 AM on 09/26/2015

    PA Help Desk

    Wendy Harriott


    Peter Lim


    Janet McAloon

FCS Clubs


FCS weekly communication 9/13-9/19/2015


Web version of this communication can be found at FCS Weekly Communication-9/13-9/19/2015


  1. Welcome everyone to the first day of school! We are excited to have everyone back again!
  2. If you have not paid the tuition, please see Sabrina and Tina on 9/19.
  3. Our food vendor and lunch order will start this week. Please see the announcement at the bottom of this email.
  4. 9/19 is the general meeting at the auditorium (9:30-10:30am). Bring in questions and/or comments!
  5. Please check the updated calendar as we made a change to the Chinese New Year performance day (now 1/30)
  6. We will be starting our focus group soon. Focus group is basically breakfast meeting with the parents. We run it for each grade. Our goal is to collect feedback from every grade to improve our school.
  7. As always FCS needs your support. Please email principal@njfcs.org to volunteer and find out more details.
  8. Marlboro Day volunteer – 1 hour between noon to 5:00 PM (Community Service Hours for High School students)

Upcoming Events

  • 9/19 開學典禮 Opening ceremony: Parents, teachers and students report to Auditorium directly at 9:30am at arranged seats.
  • 9/20 Sunday Marlboro Day 12-5 PM at MUNICIPAL CENTER COMPLEX: Township flyer can be downloaded – FCS Tent location will be communicated by Marlboro Township later.
  • 9/26 regular class
  • 10/3 regular class
  • 10/10 no class

Parent Association 

  • Volunteers needed to join PA staff. Please inquire at PA help desk if you are interested.

  • Lunch order 川園  https://www.njfcs.org/forms/lunch-order/ Order by Thursday 9:00 PM

  • Food vendor: None for this week

Language/Culture Department

  • Reminder: Class starting time for K and Pre-K is 9:45 AM while all other classes will begin at 9:30 AM as usual
  • Teacher/Classroom assignment – can be found at the table-1 below. Floor map can be found at https://www.njfcs.org/language-dept/ under Classroom Assignment Tab or download here
  • We had a successful enrollment in teacher Ma’s adult fitness dance class. If you are interested, please come to cafeteria between 10:30-11:30 to sign up and join! (see Sherry and Elaine for details)

FCS Clubs

  • Waiver form and Registration form can be found at https://www.njfcs.org/forms/
  • Club Registration Fee:
    • $10 現在的維德學生家長 (You are a present school parent, $10 registration fee)
    • Free 現在/過去學校幹部或老師, 免註冊費 (Present/Past school staff or teacher, no registration fee)
    • Free 家長活動及課程的指導教師, 免註冊費 (Instructor of adult activity or class, no registration fee)
    • $50 其他, (Others)註冊費:$50
  • Other club pages can be found in last week’s communication or from school’s homepage under Clubs