FCS event planning

event name time and duration hosting department Principal Task PA Task Language Dept.Task Culture Dept. Task equipments # of Volunteers needed
Year-end picnic PA Dept.
Closing and Graduation Ceremony Last day of school Language and Culture Dept.
  • collect and confirm equipment list from department heads and send it to MMS 3 days before the Ceremony
  • coordinate and finalize the presentation slides
  •  confirm equipment list
  • slides for language dept.
  • program flow
  • confirm equipment list
  • slides for culture dept.
  • On stage piano (MMS)
  • 7 charis on stage (MMS)
  • 2 tables on the back stage (MMS)
  • 4 tables to showcase drawing books and calligraphy (MMS)
  • microphones (FCS has 5 wired and 2 wireless)
  • flowers for graduating students and class teacher (FCS)
  •  Graduating students
  • 小班學生獻花
  • two parents for spotlight
  • curtain crew

Culture Director

Culture Director Position

Administrative Duties:

  • Finalize culture class registration and make necessary changes to the Culture Department Class Rosters
  • Update Culture Department slides for Opening Ceremony and 1st General Meetings
  • Prepare a budget for the Culture Dept.
  • Evaluate requests for supplies, costumes, etc. from Culture teachers.
  • Prepare sign-in sheets for TA’s, SI’s, GSI’s and Culture Teachers
  • Prepare two payrolls for Culture Teachers
  • Coordinate Chinese New Year and Year End Performances
  • Work with Off-Campus Coordinator on Off-Campus Performance logistics
  • Prepare and issue Community Service, Year End Awards and Certificates for students, TA’s, SI’s.
  • Provide Cultural Performances for events such as Multi-cultural Day, ACS Conference, Senior Fun Day and other events as requested.
  • Plan and conduct several Culture Department Meetings as needed
  • TA/ SI/ GSI Applications updated, modified, distributed. Collect and discuss with Culture Teachers.  Notify approved candidates and their teachers.
  • Act as liason between culture teachers, TA’s, SI’s, students and parents
  • Serve as an FCS Board Member and support the Principal and school


  • Marlboro Day – coordinate with PA Director to set up a tent, table, banner and ask Yo-Yo TA’s and SI’s to take turns demonstrating yo-yo. Peter Peng provides yo-yo’s for sale to the general public.  Space is reserved by Deputy Mayor Hui-min Shen for the 3 Chinese Schools.
  • Chinese Mid-Autumn festival (Marlboro HS) – Works with FCS Principal on a joint committee with other Chinese with other Chinese Schools and Jireh Church. Moon cake sampling, performance and kite flying competition.
  • Update Enrollment Rosters with Add/Change Forms. Issue Rosters to all Culture Teachers.
  • Update Culture Section of FCS Directory for Secretary.
  • Update Culture Slides for Opening Ceremony & First General Meeting


  • Organize FCS Volunteers for Multi-Cultural Day. Meetings already in progress since end of Summer.
  • Meet with CNY Off Campus Coordinator to begin planning


  • Multi-Cultural Day (usually 1st week of November) – Represent FCS on Marlboro Township MCD Planning Committee.
  • First Culture Teacher Meeting – Begin planning On Campus CNY Performance



  • Draft Performance Flow and disseminate to Performance Coordinators for review


  • Second Culture Meeting to finalize CNY On and Off Campus Performance Details


  • Chinese Lunar New Year On and Off Campus Performances

End of March/April

  • Update TA/GTA/SI/GSI application forms and send email to ALL eligible students (entering Grade 9 and above). Language and Culture send two different forms. Forms are due back by mid-May so Culture Teachers know who they have for the next year.


  • Begin planning with Culture Teachers for end of year performance.


  • Senior Fun Day – Work with other township non-profit groups to put on a show, and give prizes to local seniors. Provide 2 Performances and possibly assigned another task as needed.
  • Finalize End of Year Performance Flow – 1 hour performance. Not all culture classes participate.  Meet with Language Department Director/Principal to coordinate with
  • Update Years of Service for Culture Teachers – Need this for ACS Conference (Memorial Day Weekend) and FCS teacher recognition (Year-end)

June  (New Culture Director and Asst. Director Assist with these tasks)

  • Schedule Rehearsals for End of Year Performance
  • Inform TA’s & SI’s of their application status after discussion with Culture Teachers


  • Certificates/Awards and program for Year End Performance
  • Issue Community Service Letters to all TA’s & SI’s
  • Prepare Thank You Gifts to Accompany Community Service Letters for TA’s & SI’s
  • Thank you gifts for Volunteer Teachers
  • End of Year Payroll

ALN Updated 3/8/2015




2015 CNY Summary

Web version of this communication can be found at 2015 CNY Summary

springOur Off-Campus Performances are scheduled for Friday, February 20th, 2015.

  • Check list and schedule for participating students and parents will be communicated shortly.
  • 10:00am – 11:00am Marlboro Elementary School, 1980 Township Drive, Marlboro, NJ 07746
  • 11:00am – 12:00pm Freehold Intermediate School, 280 Park Avenue, Freehold, NJ 07728
  • Any questions? elainehowie@aol.com


springNew Year Celebration Performance will be held on Saturday, February 21st, 2015

  • 9:00 am – Chinese Orchestra practice – need piano set up on stage.
  • 9-10 am – stage decoration
  • 10:15 am – Door Opens/slide show/Reception
  • 10:45am – 1:00pm CNY Performance at Auditorium
  • 1:00apm – 4:30pm Main Gym – Lunch Party
  • Any questions? culture@njfcs.org

 springCNY Performance Program

  • Master MC Opening Remarks
  • Principal’s Greeting校長的話
  • VIP guest Speeches來賓致詞
  • Chinese Orchestra國樂
  • Dragon Dance 新年舞龍
  • Children’s song and dance 幼兒歌舞
  • Chinese Kung Fu 中國功夫
  • Chinese YOYO 扯鈴舞曲
  • Junior Dance: 小班舞蹈
  • Sr. Dance大班舞蹈
  • Adv. YOYO 扯鈴高級班
  • Duet Dance 雙人舞蹈
  • Solo Dance單人舞蹈

springCNY Lunch Party

Time Program Host
1:00pm – 2:00pm Lunch 團圓飯
1:15pm – 2:15pm QBand  Live Band!
2:15pm – 2:25pm Prize Drawing (Part1) 摸彩
2:25pm – 2:40pm Fun Games Kuanlin Cheng
2:40pm – 3:45pm Karaoke 勁歌 ShwuChyn Yu
3:45pm – 3:55pm Prize Drawing (Part2) 摸彩
3:55pm – 4:30pm Social Dance  熱舞 Paul Wang
4:30pm Good night!  晚安
Kids fun time
2:15pm – 3:15pm Face Painting TengTeng
2:15pm – 3:15pm Tattoo Shumei Kuo
2:15pm – 3:15pm Balloon fun Shumei Kuo
2:15pm – 3:15pm Art and craft Christy Lam



springCNY VIP List


Title Name Organization Note
Mayor Jonathan Hornik Marlboro Township short speech/red envelopes
Deputy Mayor Terry Lau Marlboro Township
Huaxia south VPCAMEL board Huimin Shen Huaxia South Chinese SchoolCAMEL
BOE Member BonnieSue Rosenwald Marlboro BOE
Vice President Victoria Dean Marlboro BOE
BOE MemberHuaxia south Board Joanne Liu-Rudel Marlboro BOEHuaxia South Chinese School
副主任 譚雪珍 (Sharon) OCAC 僑教中心  short speech/春聯 提燈
僑務委員董事長 戴松昌 (Nelson) OCAC 僑務委員會ANJCS 新澤西中文學校協會
Superintendent Dr. Rocco TomazicJuping Tomazic陳如萍 Freehold Borough Schools
 會長President  婁武疆Wujang Lou  CAMEL (新州美華聯盟)
Office of Governance andLeadership Development Dr. Thomas Gambino NJ DOE
副校長 Vice Principal 蘇怡仁Izen Su 孟華中文學校Monmouth Chinese School
副校長 Vice Principal  王劍衛Jianwei Wang  華夏中文學校南部分校Huaxia South Chinese School
Reporter  大紀元Epoch News
Reporter 謝哲澍 (Benny Xie) 世界日報World Journal

2015 check list for Mike

2015 List for New Year Party:

Auditorium timeline:

  • 9:00 am – Chinese Orchestra practice – need piano set up on stage.
  • 9-10 am – stage decoration
  • 10:15 am – Door Opens/slide show
  • 10:45 am – Program starts

Special items:

  • Piano
  • long VGA cable (40 feet if possible) – for lunch party
  • One 10+ ft ladder for stage decoration
  • A small table inside the auditorium for our people to work on the music
  • 2 coat rack outside main Gym

Auditorium items:

  • Set up piano, 6 music stands, and 6 folding chairs on stage. by  9:00 am on 2/21 for orchestra practice
  • MMS projector/screen in auditorium (check lamp is working)
  • 5 microphone stands
  • 2 Extension cords
  • Podium w/microphone stand
  • Possible one wireless mic, in case ours are not working
  • Spotlights, sound Board system, stage performance lights
  • 5 headset walki-talkies – Charlie, Babette, Kimberly, Suzie and Juhwa
  • Need 2 classrooms: Music Rm across the hall way from Auditorium for changing and Rm 109 Kung Fu to store matts
  • FCS check listTest curtain, stage lights, spot light, audio, and podium microphone in AM

Rooms and facility

  • 2nd floor – closed
  • Auditorium door – two-way open
  • Restrooms –  auditorium, main-gym, two hallways
  • The main Gym – from 8:30 am to 5:30 pm
  • The auditorium – from 8:30am to 2:00pm
  • The music room (across from Auditorium) – from 10:30am-2 pm (as change and prep room)
  • The Cooking room (next to the lockers) – from 10:30-5 pm (for storage)
  • Cafeteria (near our regular entrance)  – from 8:30-5 pm


  • Tables in the main gym:
    • 3 – 8 feet tables (for food serving)
    • 3 – 6 feet tables (for Drinks, Dessert)
    • 5 – 6 feet wide tables  (for DJs, Gifts)
    • 20 – folding chairs
    • 30 – Cafeteria tables
  • 6 tables at the hallway next to auditorium for reception and exhibit

ice cream day planning 11/22/2014

  • charlie will finish survey and send to Derek/Hochi
  • Derek will set up desktop for survey submission
  • communication to directors language class will send 5 minutes earlier and culture begin 5 minutes later
  • ice cream serving time:
  • 9:30 to 10:30 set up the station and display
  • from 10:30 AM – parents
  • from 11:15 AM till 11: 35 AM – students

what we need

  1. ice cream 4-6 gallons – to serve 150 scoops
  2. ice cream cone with paper holder
  3. ice cream scoop – volunteers will bring one
  4. display stand x 3
  5. communication – Derek