FCS Weekly announcements 4/30-5/6

FCS Weekly announcements 4/30-5/6


Dads needed to help with Mother’s Day Appreciation event at FCS Calling all Here’s your chance to show the moms at FCS your appreciation.  Volunteers are still needed, so stop by this Saturday at PA desk and ask for Peter Lim.  Event will take place in FCS School cafeteria on 5/13 at 11:30am.

Parent Association – Lunch and Vendor

Congratulations to our Calligraphy Team for their outstanding achievement in ANJCS Calligraphy Contest on 4/30

Everyone did very well, 6 out of  8 students received awards.

Janie Lee- group 2, 3rd place

Grace Wong- group 3, honorable mention

Sophia Hseush – group 3, 3rd place

Philippe Chao- group 3, 2nd place

Chloe Eng- group 4, honorable mention

Amanda Eng- group 4, 3rd place

Thanks to our dedicated Calligraphy teacher Bonnie for leading the team!


Passport to Taiwan

Thanks to all the dedicated parents and students, out of the entire ANJCS organization FCS has the most volunteers signed up for this big event in New York City.  Volunteers will receive a T-Shirt & free lunch.  Students will also receive a volunteer certificate for this event.  Our Yo-Yo team will have a special booth to demonstrate and perform Chinese Yo-Yo all day long.  This is the biggest Taiwanese Festival in North America.


Parent Association – PA Deposit Refund

The following list is the PA deposit refund checklist. Colored box means duties waiting to be fulfilled.

There is still time to fulfill your PA requirements either weekly or for year end picnic (Holmdel Park, 6/17/17)

You can sign up at  http://signup.com/go/qtbsjP

If you do not see your family on this list, or have questions regarding your refund status please reach out to PA@njfcs.org or see PA Desk ASAP.   PA refunds will be issued on 6/10/17 based on fulfillment of both PA Weekly and Event duties.

PA duty
Student Guardian 1 Guardian 2 Refund Weekly Event
Kimberly Aung/Kristine Aung Ye Aung Ruth Aung Y 2
Miranda Chang/ Diana Chang Derek Chang Michelle Lu Y Teacher
Evan Chang Ming Sheng Chang Yu Jen Lu Y Staff
Calvin Chao Chikuang Chao Su-Yin Hsieh N
Philippe Chao Kuan-Lin Cheng N 1
Janice Chao Szu-Wei Chao Lih-TIng Wang Y Board Member
Ryan Chen Haoching Chen Peichun Chung N
Megan Chen Ho-Chi Chen Li-Ju Tai Y Teacher
Emily Chen/Anna Chen/Andrew Ceng Hunter Chen Cindy Poon Y 2
PA duty
Student Guardian 1 Guardian 2 Refund Weekly Event
Justin Chen Naider Chen Vicky Sun N
Jared Chiou Arthur Chiou Sophia Chen Y Teacher
Emily Costa Donna Costa N 1
Elan DeSello Eileen DeSello Gene DeSello Y Board Member
Amanda Eng/Chole Eng Chun Eng Yvonne Eng N
Bridget Fang/Audrey Fang Ji Fang Wuan-Chi Chen Y Teacher
Noah Fang Jun Fang Yu-Wen Chou Y 1 1
KayLee Gordon Herbert Gordon Chia-Li Wu-Gordon Y 1 1
Jingyi Guo/Jason Guo Hua Ping Guo Li Qin Wang Y 1 1
Drake Heller Paul Heller Jasmine Heller N 1
Brittney Ho William Ho Prinnie Szeto N
Sophia Hsueh Juuhwa Hsueh-Ting Tsung-Hsiang Hsueh N
Jason Hui/Jessica Hui Kenny Hui Candy Hui N
Samantha Kan/Erika Kan Jeff Kan Terry Wang N
Lea Lai/Lucas Lai William Lai Suzie Tam Y Board Member
Leanne Laohoo Allan Laohoo Evelyn Laohoo N 1
Amanda Lau Charles Lau Y 1 1
Jason Lee/JiaQian Li/Cindy Lee Chun Tsui Lee Qiao xia Chen Y 1 1
Evelyn Lee/Aaron Lee Fangkun Lee Chiuping Lee Y Teacher
Janie Lee Henry Lee Nancy Yeh N 1
Edmund Lee Patrick Lee Chia Lin Wang N
PA duty
Student Guardian 1 Guardian 2 Refund Weekly Event
CHARLOTTE LEE/ALLISON LEE William Lee Wendy Chan Y 1 1
Charlene Leung/Justin Leung Kelly Tseng Y Board Member
Austin Lim/Ethan Lim/Aaron Lim Peter Lim Lian Lim Y Board Member
Iris Lin David Lin Betty Lin N TBC
Grant Lin Liangyu Lin Tzu-chia Lee N 1
Justin Liu Berry Liu Cindytha Liu Y Teacher
Maggie Liu Lo Min Liu Shuhua Lai Y Teacher
Alicia Lo/Brian Lo Jungshih Lo Chinkuei Wang Y Teacher
Nathan Lo Kai Lo Jocelyn Lo N
Carolyn Luo/Candace Luo Steve Luo Shumei Kuo Y Teacher
Ella Ly Bill Ly Melanie Ly Y 1 1
Brady Mak Kit Mak Y 1 1
Zoe Nelius Wendy Nelius Nick Nelius N 1
Ethan Ng Kayin Chong Fongbiao Ng Y Board Member
Deven Patel Ushma Patel Sacheen Patel Y 1 2
Candace Patrick Carolyn Patrick Bruce Patrick N
Preston K. Peng Peter Peng Sue C. Peng Y Teacher
Johanna Peng Sharon Hsu Kang Peng N
Samuel Rivere Richard Rivere Sabrina Rivere Y Board Member
Isabel Rubin Jose Rubin Tina Rubin Y Board Member


PA duty
Student Guardian 1 Guardian 2 Refund Weekly Event
Rachel J. Strakowsky Lenore K. Strakowsky N 1
Mia Sullivan/Sophia Sullivan Tim Sullivan Moy Aimee N
Ryan Sun Tony Sun Amy Lai Y Board Member
Shiho Suzuki Ichiro Suzuki Srisuwan Suzuki Y(new family 2017) 1
Alexander Tai Alan Tai Peipei Yen Y Board Member
Daniel Tong Emily Tong Y 1 1
Bill Wang Liu Wang Shao Ma N
Ivan Wong/Grace Wong Michelle Wong Cho Wong Y 1 1
Corbin Yan Steven Yan Beth Yan Y 1 1
葉詠晴 Siu Wing Yip Kak Lam Yip Y(new family 2017) 1
Tiffany Yuen/Stephanie Yuen Jimmy Yuen Sherry Yuen Y 1 1
Jonathan Yuen Peyhwa Yuen Chun-Hsiung Yuen Y Teacher

Happy Chinese New Year!



Thank you Mrs. Bonnie Tang’s great effort on creating this beautiful yet lively Monkey display for Fidelity Chinese New Year stage performance.

Thanks to all the volunteers to make the performance a successful event from performance by culture teachers, students & team members to fun and delicious lunch party organized by Derek Chang & Michelle Lu. We had a joy one!

FCS Culture team

Mr. Yang Bakery Ordering form

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Mr. Yang Moon Cake Ordering form
****** NOTE *******
If you are interested in ordering the following items after 11 AM
Please call Mr. Yang directly.
The number is 732-787-1543
The address is 404 Harmony Middletown NJ 07748

Mr. Yang will deliver the moon cake on (Saturday) to FCS

1. Green Bean Cake. (綠豆酥)
2. Red Bean with York Cake (蛋黃酥)
3. Red Bean Cake (紅豆酥)
4. Taro Cake (芋頭酥).
5. Curry Cake (咖哩餃)
6. Chinese Radish Cake (蘿蔔絲餅)
* Required
Your Name *
first name, last name
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綠豆酥 -- Green Bean Cake (6 cakes in one box. $8/Box)
Please enter the number of box you need
Your answer
蛋黃酥 -- Red Bean Cake with York (6 cakes in one box. $8/Box)
Please enter the number of box you need
Your answer
紅豆酥 -- Red Bean Cake (No York) (6 cakes in one box. $8/Box)
Please enter the number of box you need
Your answer
芋頭酥 -- Taro Cake (6 cakes in one box. $8/Box)
Please enter the number of box you need
Your answer
咖哩餃 -- Curry Cake (6 cakes in one box. $8/Box)
Please enter the number of box you need
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蘿蔔絲餅 -- Chinese Radish Cake (6 cakes in one box. $8/Box)
Please enter the number of box you need
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Joanne Liu-Rudel – MBOE Candidate

Joanne’s Goals

  • Improve our education system to better prepare our children for future challenges.
  • Encourage our children to become critical thinkers and life-long learners.
  • Build an efficient and fiscally responsible educational system.
  • Proactively solicit community feedback and promote an open dialogue.

Joanne’s Background

  • Proud Marlboro resident for 12 years
  • Children attend Frank Defino Central & Marlboro Memorial Middle School
  • Girl Scouts and PTA volunteer
  • Member of Marlboro Multi-Cultural Committee
  • Board Chair at Huaxia Chinese School in Marlboro
  • Board Director at Huaxia Chinese School network with 7000 students
  • Member of Chinese American Mobilization and Enrichment League
  • Architect on Common Cloud, Platform and Solution Engineering at AT&T
  • Masters in Computer Science and Transportation Engineering from NJIT

Write-in Ballont – Instructions: