CSL-1Cover letter 100116

CSL-1Cover letter 100116

Lesson content:

1) Book-Hip Hop Land K1

* Pronunciation and Pinyin [bo,po,mo,fo]

2)Word’s strokes 一,二,三,六,十,木

3) Correct Pronunciation one on one

Home work: 

1)Homework sheets(please come with yellow bag to return on 10/15)

2) Recording home work( I’ll send “power point” by email )

Please help your child to practice with” power point” often , then record their sound and email me before 10/15


1)No class 10/8/16

2)10/15/2016 Parent /Teacher Conference from 11:40-12:30  at CSL-1 class

Please come to join us to discuss your child’s learning process.

If you have any question, please contact with

Aimi Cho 732-536-0865/ lansin66@gmail.com

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