CSL CONV1 – 2016-12-03 Week 9 – Cover Letter


  • work on penpal card (get a 8×11 white paper, fold into half, so there are 4 sections, inside 2 sections, one for “introduce yourself in chinese”, one for “introduction yourself in english” (yes, direct translate). for outside 2 sections – one should be your own picture, one have a holiday drawing/picture.  Use about 5 sentences to introduce yourself used what we have learned so far, check all class notes – for example

XYZ, 你好,

我的中文名字是 XXX, 我的英文名字是 YYY.  then (junior) high school student, what grade, your family,end with “glad to meet you”.


  • listen to – “聽媽媽的話” by Jay Chou – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_B8RaLCNUZw
  • week9-2016-12-03-vocabulary
    第三課-去超級市場買東西 vocabulary

Homework (due 12/10)

  • Penpal
  • Vocabulary practice/game on quizlet
  • Recording homework  -第三課-去超級市場買東西 conversation

Next class (12/10)

  • makeup midterm for 澤琦, 天使, 天鵬 (please come 10 minutes early)
  • quiz – 第三課-去超級市場買東西 vocabulary


  • tone will be counted as part of score now


  • www.quizlet.com  (if you forgot to write down password in class, send me email)
  • recording homework # 732-490-1588




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