CSL CONV1 – 2017-03-04 Week 18 – Cover Letter


Home Work Due 3/4

  • Panpal about your town – find out the answers to following questions and prepare two pictures:
    • Where do you live?
    • Where is it? (if you are introducing to a foreigner)
    • Any Landmark/interesting place around here?
    • Anything special compared to other cities?

Due Next class (3/4)

  • For those who have not done so – I need your Final Exam signed and if you like you can make correction and bring back the paper, the final score will be the average between your original and the corrected


  • tone will be counted as part of score now


  • www.quizlet.com  (if you forgot to write down password in class, send me email)
  • send recording homework to # 732-490-1588




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