CSL CONV1 – 2017-2-11 Week 16 – Cover Letter


  • 問路 vocabulary – play with index card
  • 問路 conversation review
  • 問路 make sentence
    • 我要去<location>, 請問要怎麼去?
    • 先…然後…最後
  • multimedia (ready to present on 2/25 with notes and slice show)

Homework (due 2/25)

  • 問路 make sentences and send to peychen@yahoo.com
  • ready to present multimedia on 2/25 in class with slices, you can read from notes (send me your drafts, so that I can review and make corrections for you) NOTE: since the chinese font are way too big to send, so if you can send me your scripts, I will convert it and send you back.
  • Please have your parent sign the final exam (you can make correction and bring back the paper, the final score will be the average between your original and the corrected)
  • for past due recording homework
Date Recording 麗安 天使 天鵬 何君 澤琦 梔玲 初玲
9/10/2016 pinyin table and tone practice (bā bá bǎ bà ba mā má mǎ mà ma) V V V V V
9/10/2016 class 1 你好- conversation V V V V V
9/17/2016 tone practice (pī pí pǐ pì pi dī dí dǐ dì di mā ma mà mǎ) V V V V V V
9/17/2016 class 1 你好2 – conversation V V V V V
10/1/2016 type in – 第二課-你家有幾個人? Vocabulary, email to peychen@yahoo.com
10/15/2016 第二課-你家有幾個人? V V
10/29/2016 你家有幾個人2練習 V V V
12/3/2016 第三課-去超級市場買東西 V V V V
12/10/2016 海鮮, 肉 vocabulary V V
12/17/2016 買東西 conversation V V V
1/7/2017 買東西 conversation (team version) V V
1/14/2017 中國新年-part1 V V V V
1/21/2017 中國新年-all V V V V V V
2/4/2017 問路 V V V V

Next class (2/25)

  • multimedia presentation in class (practice) – you should be able to do all slide shows and talk from your notes


  • tone will be counted as part of score now


  • www.quizlet.com  (if you forgot to write down password in class, send me email)
  • send recording homework to # 732-490-1588




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