Culture Director

Culture Director Position

Administrative Duties:

  • Finalize culture class registration and make necessary changes to the Culture Department Class Rosters
  • Update Culture Department slides for Opening Ceremony and 1st General Meetings
  • Prepare a budget for the Culture Dept.
  • Evaluate requests for supplies, costumes, etc. from Culture teachers.
  • Prepare sign-in sheets for TA’s, SI’s, GSI’s and Culture Teachers
  • Prepare two payrolls for Culture Teachers
  • Coordinate Chinese New Year and Year End Performances
  • Work with Off-Campus Coordinator on Off-Campus Performance logistics
  • Prepare and issue Community Service, Year End Awards and Certificates for students, TA’s, SI’s.
  • Provide Cultural Performances for events such as Multi-cultural Day, ACS Conference, Senior Fun Day and other events as requested.
  • Plan and conduct several Culture Department Meetings as needed
  • TA/ SI/ GSI Applications updated, modified, distributed. Collect and discuss with Culture Teachers.  Notify approved candidates and their teachers.
  • Act as liason between culture teachers, TA’s, SI’s, students and parents
  • Serve as an FCS Board Member and support the Principal and school


  • Marlboro Day – coordinate with PA Director to set up a tent, table, banner and ask Yo-Yo TA’s and SI’s to take turns demonstrating yo-yo. Peter Peng provides yo-yo’s for sale to the general public.  Space is reserved by Deputy Mayor Hui-min Shen for the 3 Chinese Schools.
  • Chinese Mid-Autumn festival (Marlboro HS) – Works with FCS Principal on a joint committee with other Chinese with other Chinese Schools and Jireh Church. Moon cake sampling, performance and kite flying competition.
  • Update Enrollment Rosters with Add/Change Forms. Issue Rosters to all Culture Teachers.
  • Update Culture Section of FCS Directory for Secretary.
  • Update Culture Slides for Opening Ceremony & First General Meeting


  • Organize FCS Volunteers for Multi-Cultural Day. Meetings already in progress since end of Summer.
  • Meet with CNY Off Campus Coordinator to begin planning


  • Multi-Cultural Day (usually 1st week of November) – Represent FCS on Marlboro Township MCD Planning Committee.
  • First Culture Teacher Meeting – Begin planning On Campus CNY Performance



  • Draft Performance Flow and disseminate to Performance Coordinators for review


  • Second Culture Meeting to finalize CNY On and Off Campus Performance Details


  • Chinese Lunar New Year On and Off Campus Performances

End of March/April

  • Update TA/GTA/SI/GSI application forms and send email to ALL eligible students (entering Grade 9 and above). Language and Culture send two different forms. Forms are due back by mid-May so Culture Teachers know who they have for the next year.


  • Begin planning with Culture Teachers for end of year performance.


  • Senior Fun Day – Work with other township non-profit groups to put on a show, and give prizes to local seniors. Provide 2 Performances and possibly assigned another task as needed.
  • Finalize End of Year Performance Flow – 1 hour performance. Not all culture classes participate.  Meet with Language Department Director/Principal to coordinate with
  • Update Years of Service for Culture Teachers – Need this for ACS Conference (Memorial Day Weekend) and FCS teacher recognition (Year-end)

June  (New Culture Director and Asst. Director Assist with these tasks)

  • Schedule Rehearsals for End of Year Performance
  • Inform TA’s & SI’s of their application status after discussion with Culture Teachers


  • Certificates/Awards and program for Year End Performance
  • Issue Community Service Letters to all TA’s & SI’s
  • Prepare Thank You Gifts to Accompany Community Service Letters for TA’s & SI’s
  • Thank you gifts for Volunteer Teachers
  • End of Year Payroll

ALN Updated 3/8/2015




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