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Worchid aims to make typing Mandarin Chinese easier via English keyboards with popular browsers1. Enter pinyin or BoPoMoFo (BPMF) representations of words and our text editor automatically provides Chinese suggestions. You can even use English words, and Worchid will automatically translate those words to Chinese. You can also use short hand to locate a phrase (e.g., enter ‘ppmm’ in pinyin, or in BPMF to see 婆婆媽媽).

If you’re a student trying to learn Chinese, Worchid provides additional utilities to aid you, such as displaying pinyin and BPMF pronunciations of characters. The ability to display pinyin and BPMF of a Chinese character will enable a student to pronounce the Chinese character properly. You can also convert your input from Traditional form to Simplified form, or vice-versa.

Worchid also provide a Chinese phrase spell checker2 to help correct misspelled phrases in a sentence. It scans your input for possible Chinese spelling errors, and returns suggestions for these potential misspellings. For instance, if a user enters ‘高朋滿坐’ and clicks on the ‘Spell Check’ button, Worchid will highlight the phrase in red. The user can then click on the red colored phrase and correct it as ‘高朋滿座’.

Worchid is also currently working with the local Chinese schools to provide a Chinese learning widget to be embedded on their web sites for students to practice Chinese vocabulary.
More features are in the pipeline, and we appreciate any feedback.

Please email your feedback to dmw1688@yahoo.com.

  1. You can use Microsoft’s Internet Explorer, Google’s Chrome browser, or Firefox browser.
  2. The Chinese phrase spell checking software was implemented based on the U.S. patented algorithm. Currently it is about 85% – 90% accurate.