FCS event planning

event name time and duration hosting department Principal Task PA Task Language Dept.Task Culture Dept. Task equipments # of Volunteers needed
Year-end picnic PA Dept.
Closing and Graduation Ceremony Last day of school Language and Culture Dept.
  • collect and confirm equipment list from department heads and send it to MMS 3 days before the Ceremony
  • coordinate and finalize the presentation slides
  •  confirm equipment list
  • slides for language dept.
  • program flow
  • confirm equipment list
  • slides for culture dept.
  • On stage piano (MMS)
  • 7 charis on stage (MMS)
  • 2 tables on the back stage (MMS)
  • 4 tables to showcase drawing books and calligraphy (MMS)
  • microphones (FCS has 5 wired and 2 wireless)
  • flowers for graduating students and class teacher (FCS)
  •  Graduating students
  • 小班學生獻花
  • two parents for spotlight
  • curtain crew
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