FCS Weekly Announcements 1/29 – 2/4

FCS Weekly Announcements 1/29  – 2/4


1/28 Chinese New Year Celebration

Hope everyone enjoyed the 2017 Lunar New Year Celebration!  A big THANKS to all the parents, students, teachers, alumni, alumni parents, friends and Marlboro Middle School staff for their contribution to this event.  We have received lots of compliments for all the performances including the Art and Calligraphy Exhibits.  One the reporters from 新象週刊 even mentioned that our school performance was one of the best that he ever seen in New Jersey.   Thanks Frank Lee for sharing the videos in the YouTube links below.   We will update our school photo gallery once we have received all the pictures.  Some photos can be found on our school Facebook page if you’re interested.       



2017 FCS New Year Performance – https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLki57sMxh7TGOmZQgfS_ljXVsgKJfQP-8


Individual Clips

2017 FCS NYP 01 National Anthem – https://youtu.be/_LrV8v3GjVg

2017 FCS NYP 02 Lunar Year Greeting and VIP Guest – https://youtu.be/NUIQR9RMrcY

2017 FCS NYP 03 Fidelity Alumni Trio – https://youtu.be/Atqx6z1SLTk

2017 FCS NYP 04 Year of Rooster Dragon Dance – https://youtu.be/_S0qEMZb_0g

2017 FCS NYP 05 Children’s Song and Dance – https://youtu.be/Zhle2suMR6c

2017 FCS NYP 06 Jr Dance – Red Lantern – https://youtu.be/BLSSKhhOG4Q

2017 FCS NYP 07 Kung Fu – https://youtu.be/2Wb25drjkiI

2017 FCS NYP 08 Yo-Yo Class – https://youtu.be/G3vBxGHpfdQ

2017 FCS NYP 09 Junior Dance-Overlord Whip Dance – https://youtu.be/grTvmV63uZQ

2017 FCS NYP 10 TA Peacock Dance – https://youtu.be/U-Vt5jRYp78

2017 FCS NYP 11 Latin Dance – https://youtu.be/1X3kxyzU0R4

2017 FCS NYP 12 TA Uyghur Dance – https://youtu.be/-NdblRYyNSs

2017 FCS NYP 13 Cross Talk – https://youtu.be/EN_M9Rkq4wo

2017 FCS NYP 14 Yo-Yo TA and SI – https://youtu.be/wy5DM_yyu5Y

2017 FCS NYP 15 Yo-Yo Teacher – Kevin Lam – https://youtu.be/AJJ8XbcLyFM

2017 FCS NYP 16 Folk Dance – https://youtu.be/_CRUS1qr7K0

2017 FCS NYP 17 Peking Opera – https://youtu.be/tfick-lVoG4


3/4/2017 Chinese SAT Mock Test will take place during the FCS school session on Saturday, March 4, 2017.  All students in 8th grade and H1 classes are required to participate, and NO individual registration is required.  

All other students who wish to take the test will need to register by submitting Name, Email, Phone Number along with a $10 check (payable to FCS) to the Language Department by February 4, 2017.  

Date & Time of the test: Saturday, March 4, 2017, from 09:30am to 12:00noon

Location: FCS classrooms (Marlboro Middle School, room no. TBD)

Please note that this is a mock test to help FCS students prepare for the actual SAT Subject Test in Chinese.  


Coordinator: Ruth Lin

Phone: (848) 200-2139

Email: ruthalin@gmail.com

FCS Language Department


On 2/11/2017  “D” wing (including the Auditorium) will not be available to FCS


Other Events from TECO 華僑文教服務中心


  1. 歡迎踴躍報名文化部第41屆金鼎獎「政府出版品獎」,並請踴躍推舉對我國出版產業發展有具體貢獻或成就者參賽金鼎獎「特別貢獻獎」,報名時間自即日起至2017年2月18日止。有關報名系統、獎勵辦法及須知請參考附件或逕至文化部網站之「獎補助資訊網」查閱(http://www.moc.gov.tw/);或電話洽詢: 圖書類莊小姐(02)8512-6496。


紐約華僑文教服務中心   敬啟


2. 華僑救國聯合總會為復興中華文化,促進海外文化事業,特設置華文著述獎,獎勵項目包括學術論著、文藝創作及新聞寫作3類最近2年內出版或發表之論著或作品,參加方式係由海外僑團、僑校、僑報、駐外機構及華僑救國聯合總會名譽理事、理事、顧問等推薦具有華僑身分者參加,未受推薦之本人亦可申請參加,惟需提出華僑證明,申請期限至2017年6月底止,詳細辦法請參考附件「106年華文著述獎申請辦法」,已可至該總會網站(http://www.focat.org.tw)下載。


  1. 本會為增益海外華裔青年回台學習華語文及臺灣多元文化營道,訂有 「僑務委員會輔助海外僑校及僑團辦理組團來臺研習 華語文或台灣文化活動」作業計畫(詳參附件1),鼓勵海外僑校( 團)、中文班及中文學校聯合會自行組團來臺研習,每校(單位) 最多組一團為原則,相關辦理注意事項請參見附件計畫。


申請方式:備妥組團申請表(如附件2)、研習課程表暨計畫書, 於申請時間內e-mail至luling0704@gmail.com。

PA Announcements:

Lunch box will be provided by Empire Szechuan 川園 this Saturday, 2/11.

The order form can be accessed via https://www.njfcs.org/lunch-order

Tasty Bakery 甜心餅屋 is coming this week.


Valentine’s Day is coming and it’s very sweet of you if you give your special someone this SURPRISE!

Stop by the PA desk this Saturday to check out Suzie’s creation and tell us what you think. We may make some available for sales if we get positive feedback from you.


Upcoming events:

2/4 Regular Class

2/11 Regular Class

2/18 No Class

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