FCS weekly communication 10/26-11/1/2014



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  1. Speech contest is coming up! The main purpose for speech contest is “鼓勵學生培養上臺演講的能力。”, “encourage and enhance students’ public-speaking abilities”.
  2. 僑教中心 文化種子教師在地培訓(11/2 紐澤西場次) 開始報名 http://goo.gl/TphZGO – contact language@njfcs.org for password/more details
  3. 僑教中心 文化種子教師在地培訓(11/22 紐約場次) 開始報名 http://goo.gl/forms/Bkp2MI5Gmq – contact language@njfcs.org for password/more details
  4. CIE high school scholarship announcement: 美洲中國工程師學會大紐約區分會 2014 年高中生獎學金自即日起開始接受申請,截止日期為 11 月 9 日。歡迎大紐約地區華裔高中生申請這項為鼓勵華裔高中學生學習科學與工程相關領域而設立的獎學金。Please find more details at cie2014scholarship
  5. We have a new lunch order vendor – 蜀鄉 this Saturday! See lunch order section below. Vendor’s site http://www.sichuancottage.com/
  6. As always FCS needs your support. Please email principal@njfcs.org to volunteer and find out more details!
  7. Petition for Chinese New Year as Official School Holiday! If you support this petition, please pick up/sign the form from culture desk this Saturday and next or you can download the form at Petition for Chinese New Year as Official Shool Holiday_R1 – content of petition:
 We are families with children in the schools who reside in Marlboro School District, and would like to petition for making the Chinese New Year an official holiday of our school district. The Chinese New Year/spring festival day is the biggest holiday we celebrate in Chinese tradition and also in other East Asian communities.
We believe that putting such a significant cultural and religious holiday on our calendar serves to recognize diversity and to promote multi-culture within education and community. The State does provide a way for students to observe their religious holidays. However, it does not address the situation and opportunity that we are having here at Marlboro School District:
1. More than 20% of our student population is of Asian ancestry and heritage; no other minority group in our school system is as large as this.
2. Marlboro has a proud tradition of honoring religious holidays on its school calendar. Adding the Chinese New Year’s day enriches our tradition. This holiday is not only for Chinese-Americans, but also for Korean, Vietnamese, and Japanese-Americans.
3. Marlboro’s vast Asian American students and their parents have been struggling on their new year’s day – to go to school or not to go, and are in dire need of a relieve; most have been giving up their holiday tradition to schooling, in order not to cause instruction disruption for the district, which could see a day of absence of 15-20% of total student population.
Marlboro is a rich diverse community. Therefore, for the reasons stated above we would like to request your consideration to make the Chinese New Year a holiday on the school calendar.

Upcoming Events and Activities

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2014-15 Sponsors! Thank you All!

Full Page Ad ($200)

  • Advanced Center For Orthodontics, Michael J. Chung, D.D.S., M.S.
  • Asian Food Markets – 美東超市
  • Farmers Insurance – Sabrina Rivere曾碧靜 (FCS treasurer and parent)
  • JEI Learning Center
  • Koo Neo-Japanese Asian Cuisine – owner Hunter Chen and his wife Cindy Poon are FCS parents
  • Manalapan Montessori / One Stop College Counseling
  • Old Bridge Orthodontics – 梁啟俊牙醫博士
  • SiX PAK Academy

Half Page Ad ($150)

  • Berkshire Hathaway HomeSerices, NJ Properties –Vicky Sun孫碧琦 (FCS parent)
  • Chen Realty 陳氏地產
  • Cheung K. Tsang, D.D.S. 曾祥傑牙醫博士
  • Empire Szechuan – 川園
  • GTL Communication LLC – 創世紀傳訊
  • Inspect It Neil
  • Monmouth Medical Center – 美門醫院華人醫療服務部
  • Sichuan Cottage – 蜀鄉

Donation個人贊助 ($100)

  • Audrey / Bridget Fang 方昀昕 (FCS 4th grade student) / 方昀曈 (FCS 1st grade student)
  • Shirley Ming-Whui Yang 楊王明慧 (JSCS 新海中文學校 parent)
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