FCS weekly communication 1/11-1/17/2015


Web version of this communication can be found at FCS Weekly Communication-1/11-1/17/2015


  1. springChinese New Year is only weeks away. This year’s party will be followed by CNY Performance. Please reserve the date 02/21/2015!
    • Sale of Lunch Party ticket has begun from 1/10/2015. Please stop by front desk or email culture@njfcs.org to purchase. More details can be found here.
    • We are collecting gifts as prizes for raffle starting from 1/10/2015.  All gifts are welcome!  Please kindly donate gifts to show your support.  Please bring the gifts to FCS PA desk or email secretary@njfcs.org and we will do the wrapping.  If you know of any business that is willing to donate gifts or gift certificates, please help us to collect the donations. More details can be found here – for business use – here
  2. Multimedia Contest is coming up – Contest Rule and Registration Form can be found here.
  3. springVolunteers Needed – please email principal@njfcs.org
    • One parent MC
    • CNY decoration project – as always our beloved Bonnie Tang 唐音老師, volunteers to deliver a BIG decoration as the stage background. The theme for this year is 三羊開泰. It’s 8’x8′ in dimension. Please volunteer and participate! I will create a speical page for the progress and teamwork.
    • 2015CNY-decor-design
  4. Pen Pal Program updates:
    • Phase 1 of pen pal program (grade 3-6 and CSL advanced) has officially kicked off. Final Pen pal assignment and program details can be found here.
    • Phase 2 (targeted for higher grades) will begin soon!
  5. springCNY as school holiday petition updates
    • In tonight’s meeting, Board just agreed to put the proposal of Chinese New Year as official school holiday into the agenda in next meeting. They said it is required to let public people be aware about this agenda. The Board will arrange another meeting for official discussion, and meeting location has been approved to be held at MMS auditorium. The date will be announced later (possible in February). Hopefully, it will be after the end of 2nd marking period of  all schools so more students can join. We will need more people to show up, speak and stay during board’s discussion in next meeting. More details will follow! – by Austin Huang
    • Thanks all parents, alumni and friends who show up to support the cause!
    • Special thanks to Sherry Yuen (Our beloved Deputy Culture Director) who did an excellent job of speaking on behalf of FCS and the Chinese American community.
    • Special thanks to Aaron Lee 李韋誠 and Miranda Chang 張以安 (4th graders) who did a great job of delivering a short speech about CNY.
    • AaronMiranda


Upcoming Events and Activities

  • 01/17/15 Regular Class; Chinese New Year lunch party ticket sale/gift donation begins!
  • 01/24/15 Final Exam (Language Teacher Meeting #2)
  • 01/31/15 Regular Class
  • spring 2/20/2015 Chinese New Year Off-Campus Performance
  • spring 02/21/2015 Chinese New Year Performance and Party
  • 02/28/15 Multimedia Contest – H1-H3 –
  • 03/08/15 Multimedia Contest – CSL-A and CSL-Conv

Parent Association

  1. Lunch order: Koo https://www.njfcs.org/lunch-order/ Online Order by Thursday 9:00 PM
  2. Food vendor 1: 渤海村
  3. Food vendor 2: 楊先生
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