FCS weekly communication 11/9-11/15/2014



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  1. Midterm Exam is on this Saturday!
  2. Speech contest is coming up! The main purpose for speech contest is “鼓勵學生培養上臺演講的能力。”, “encourage and enhance students’ public-speaking abilities”.
  3. 僑教中心 文化種子教師在地培訓(11/22 紐約場次) 開始報名 http://goo.gl/forms/Bkp2MI5Gmq – contact language@njfcs.org for password/more details
  4. Volunteers needed for upcoming Ice Cream Day! – please email vp@njfcs.org to participate!
  5. Seminar on “Paying for your Child’s Education” will be held on this Saturday!
Mr Simon Mo will give a financial seminar in our school on Saturday 11/15/14 at 10:30-12:00pm, the title is "Paying For Your Child's Education". It will be very helpful for the parents who have child going to college in coming year(s) to attend. Mr Simon Mo will focus on Financial aid issue as well. 
資深理財顧問Mr.Simon Mo(莫炳輝先生)將來我校舉辦講座“Paying for Your Child's College Education",指導家長們為即將升大學的子女爭取最大限度的大學助學金(College Financial Aid),不管您的家庭收入如何(即使在二十萬或以上),經過專家指導,也能盡量讓家長花最少的錢,讓兒女上最好的大學。 

Upcoming Events and Activities

  • 11/15/14 Midterm Exam
  • 11/15/14 Seminar on “Paying for your Child’s Education” by Mr. Simon Mo  10:30 AM to noon at Cafeteria
  • Speech Contest: 1st grade to 8th grade on 12/6/14. CSL-B and CSL-I on 12/13/14
  • 1:00 PM 11/15/2014 大學申請講座 hosted by Epoch News http://www.epochtimes.com/b5/14/10/9/n4267602.htm
  • Ice Cream Day is coming back this fall!

Parent Association 


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