FCS weekly communication 12/7-12/13/2014



Web version of this email can be found at FCS Weekly Communication 12/7-12/13/2014


  1. Speech contest result for 1st grade to 7th grade can be found here  Congratulations to all students for their excellent performance!
  2. Speech contest on 12/13 at Main Auditorium: 8th grade, CSL-B and CSL-I . Please report to Auditorium directly at 9:30am.
  3. Charity Event: Annual visit at Victoria Nursing Home – photos can be found here – Thanks for your participation and support! 
  4. Marlboro Annual Multi-Cultural Day (MCD) 2014 – photos can be found here – Thanks for your participation and support! 
  5. FCS’s facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/njfcs.org – please LIKE to support FCS!
  6. FCS now has sister schools in Taiwan! We will begin penpal program with them soon!

Upcoming Events and Activities

  • 12/13 Speech Contest: 8th grade, CSL-B and CSL-I
  • 12/27/14 No Class -Winter Recess

Parent Association 

 FCS in the News:

  • 新州維德中校 與台7校結盟 – 世界日報
  • Marlboro Annual Multi-Cultural Day (MCD) 2014 – Epoch Times

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