FCS weekly communication 1/4-1/10/2015 – Happy New Year!



Web version of this email can be found at FCS Weekly Communication 1/4-1/10/2015


  1. springGreetings from FCS! Happy New Year everyone!
  2. springChinese New Year is only weeks away. This year’s party will be followed by New Year Performance. Please reserve the date 02/21/2015! 
    • Sale of Lunch Party ticket will begin on 1/10/2015. Please stop by front desk or email culture@njfcs.org to purchase. More details can be found here.
    • We are collecting gifts as prizes for raffle starting from 1/10/2015.  All gifts are welcome!  Please kindly donate gifts to show your support.  Please bring the gifts to FCS PA desk or email secretary@njfcs.org and we will do the wrapping.  If you know of any business that is willing to donate gifts or gift certificates, please help us to collect the donations. More details can be found here.
  3. Pen Pal Program updates:
    • Phase 1 of pen pal program (grade 3-6 and CSL advanced) has offically kicked off. Pen pal assignment and program details can be found here.
    • Phase 2 (targeted for higher grades) will begin soon!
  4. Lost and found – please see below for details and email principal@njfcs.org if you are the owner.
  5. springPetition for CNY as an official school holiday – message from Huimen Shen (Previous Deputy Mayor)/Terry Lau (Deputy Mayor) – please email principal@njfcs.org if you’d like to volunteer for the speech or attend the peition meeting!
Event - BOE Meeting: Petition for CNY as an official school holiday
Date/Location - 7:00 PM on 01/13/2015 at BOE building
1/13/15, Tuesday will be a very important day for us to present the petition for CNY as an official school holiday. Per information from Mary, Jian, and others, it is very encouraging that quite a few members are supporting us, including the Board Dir. and Vice Dir. Please continue working on it by collecting petitions and organizing people to present at the board meeting on 1/13/15. Please send the number of people attending (estimation) and number of people to speak at the board meeting. Please arrange at least 2 speakers from each school. The speech should be 2-3 minutes, no more than 5 mins. We should have a short meeting before 1/13/15. Jimmy has prepared the petition package and I will deliver it to the Superintendent on 1/9/15.

Upcoming Events and Activities

  • 01/10/15 Regular Class; Chinese New Year lunch party ticket sale/gift donation begins!
  • 1/13/15 BOE meeting for Chinese New Year petition
  • 01/17/15 Regular Class
  • 01/24/15 Final Exam (Language Teacher Meeting #2)
  • 01/31/15 Regular Class
  • spring02/21/2015 Chinese New Year Performance and Party

Parent Association 

 Lost and Found 


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