FCS Weekly Communication 3/13 – 3/19/2016


  • 4/30 will be a regular school day.
  • Senior-fun-day will be held on 5/14. We will provide 2 performances for the elders. This is an event organized by many local organizations and it’s free.
  • Please join this Saturday seminar from 9:30-11:30 in the Cafeteria. Joanna from MLS will be here.
    • Marlboro Learning Center:www.marlborolearningcenter.com
    • 包括:中小學,高中生暑期課程與活動的規劃
    • 申請大學的評估考量與各種審核因素
    • 如何從小建立優良品格,以及提早做好準備進入名牌大學
    • SAT考試準備的策略/AP選修大學先修課程

Upcoming events

  • 3/19 regular class (Internal YoYo competition is changed to 4/23)
  • 3/26 No Class…Spring Break
  • 4/2 No Class…Spring Break
  • 4/9 regular class
  • 4/16 regular class

Parent Association

PA Duty

Please report for PA Desk for Duty on Saturday 3/19. PA Desk is located at the first table in the cafeteria.

Amy Lai

Emily Tong

Yvonne Eng

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