FCS weekly communication 3/6-3/12/2016


  • 4/30 will be a regular school day. We are using this day from our snow day earlier this year.
  • We will be having a breakfast meeting with Pre-K, K and new parents @10am on 3/12 in cafeteria.
  • Senior-fun-day will be held on 5/14. We will provide 1-2 performances for the elders. This is an event organized by many local organizations and it’s free.

Other information from ANJCS (Association of NJ Chinese Schools)

  • 本會集結近年陸續拍攝走巡國父在臺灣、海外之足跡,以及胡適、于右任等名人在臺故居(紀念館)等文宣影(短)片,並拷製「走尋國父足跡-國父 孫中山先生150歲誕辰紀念專輯」及「名人故居」等2張專輯,於「國家書店」(http://www.govbooks.com.tw/)及「五南書店」(http://www.wunanbooks.com.tw/)均有販售,或可於「宏觀網路電視」(ocacmactv.net)點閱及下載觀看。
  • 2016 AAEOY (美洲中國工程師學會大紐約區分會) Technical Symposium will be held in Hyatt Regency Hotel, New Brunswick, NJ. (click here for details)
  • 為鼓勵世界各地兒童經由藝術交流、增進相互間友誼與瞭解,中華民國兒童美術教育學會辦理之「中華民國第47屆世界兒童畫展」(The 47th World Schoolchildren’s Art Exhibition),歡迎有興趣參展之兒童(6歲至15歲)報名,意者請自即日起至4月25日前將作品逕寄The Association for Education through Art of the Republic of China, No.110, JI-Lin Road., Taipei, Taiwan, Republic of China (Taiwan)參展。該活動簡章及報名表等請至國立台灣藝術教育館台灣藝術教育網(http://ed.arte.gov.tw/ch/Index/index.aspx) 或該學會網站(http://www.kaearoc.org.tw/html/)下載使用。
  • Taipei 2017 29th Summer Universiade Volunteer Recruitment (click here for details)

Upcoming events

  • 3/12 regular class
  • 3/19 regular class (Internal YoYo competition is changed to 4/23)
  • 3/26 No Class…Spring Break
  • 4/2 No Class…Spring Break

Parent Association

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