FCS weekly communication 5/10-5/16/2015


Web version of this communication can be found at FCS Weekly Communication-5/10-5/16/2015


  1. 2015 Monmouth Chinese Summer Camp  will take place between 8/17-21  and OUR SCHOOL WILL BE HOSTING THIS YEAR.
  2. Attention 2015 Graduates! Graduation application form can be found here. Please return to Language Department by 05/16/2015; 申請2015畢業/結業學生,請於05/16/15前將表格送至教務處
  3. We had a fun and successful “Pampering Day for Mom”
    • thanks to Alice Ng (Deputy PA Director), Wendy Harriott, Elaine Baho, Sherry Yuen, Kimberly Chow, Gee Ng and Suzie Tam who volunteered and made this wonderful celebration possible!
    • Special thanks to Kalea Harriott (Wendy’s daugtuer) who generously shared all of her own nail polish and accesories as well as her talent with us
    • Special thanks to Teacher Ma who offered Samba and Cha-Cha lessons and his Dance class students who supported the event
    • Speical thanks to Eric Wu who took awesome pictures during the event – complete photo album can be found here or click on the photos below!
      IMG_2208.jpg IMG_2421.jpg IMG_2430.jpg IMG_2476.jpg
  4. 5/16/2015 – 2015 Spring Collection Drive – Toys/Books/Clothes!!



Upcoming Events and Activities

  • 5/16 Regular Class
    • CareToHelp Toys/Clothes/Books Drive – flyer can be found here
    • 3rd Language Teacher Meeting
    • 2014-15 final board meeting
  • 5/23 No Class/Memorial Day Weekend
  • 5/30 Regular Class
    • Open House
  • 6/6 Regular Class/Final Exam
  • 6/13 Last Day of School/Closing&Graduation Ceremony/Picnic

Parent Association

  1. Lunch order: KOO https://www.njfcs.org/lunch-order/ Online Order by Thursday 9:00 PM
  2. Food vendor: 渤海村, 劉媽媽 and 甜心餅屋 (Tasty Bakery)


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