FCS weekly communication 5/31-6/6/2015


Web version of this communication can be found at FCS Weekly Communication-5/31-6/6/2015


  1. Security deposit Refund – Please inquire at PA desk.
  2. 2015 year-end picnic will be held at Turkey Swamp Park on 6/13/2015 after closing/graduation ceremony! In addition to great food and programs for parents, friends and students, we will also have 撈金魚 for everyone! (金魚掬い; Goldfish scooping) so please join us and purchase tickets at PA desk!!
  3. 2015 Monmouth Chinese Summer Camp  will take place between 8/17-21  and OUR SCHOOL WILL BE HOSTING THIS YEAR.
  4. Our 2015 Open House is a big success thanks to your participation! Special thanks to Jun, Suzi, Kimberly, Elaine, Alice and Charlie to make it happen!!  
  5. We’re actively recruiting new students!; Please help distribute the flyer and invite your friends! Please inquire at vp@njfcs.org
  6. 文化種子教師在地培訓06/06紐約場次尚有名額,欲報名從速!
    • 課程內容包括: 特製涼麵、端午賽龍舟及彩帶舞教學。
    • 06/06紐約場次 時間地點及報名方式:請至網站報名http://0rz.tw/YMrKD

Upcoming Events and Activities

  • 6/6 Regular Class/Final Exam
  • 6/13 Last Day of School
    • Year end performance
    • Closing & Graduation Ceremony
    • Picnic

Parent Association

  1. Lunch order: 川園 https://www.njfcs.org/lunch-order/ Online Order by Thursday 9:00 PM
  2. Food vendor: 劉媽媽台灣小吃 and 甜心餅屋 Tasty Bakery
  3. Security deposit Refund – Please inquire at PA desk.
  4. Tickets for year-end picnic – Please purchase at PA desk


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