FCS weekly communication 6/14-6/20/2015


Web version of this communication can be found at FCS Weekly Communication-6/7-6/13/2015


  1. 2014-15 Year End Performance/Closing/Graduation Ceremony.
    • Students (including K/Pre-K) report to class at 9:30 AM to get their report card/certificate/trophy!
    • Parents please join us at Auditorium
    • Complete program flow can be found at the bottom.
  2. 2015 year-end picnic will be held at Turkey Swamp Park – Sandy Run Pavilion (200 Georgia Road, Freehold, NJ 07728) on 6/13/2015  after closing/graduation ceremony! In addition to great food and programs for parents, friends and students, we will also have 撈金魚 for everyone! (金魚掬い; Goldfish scooping) so please join us and purchase tickets at PA desk!!

  3. 2015 Monmouth Chinese Summer Camp  will take place between 8/17-21  and OUR SCHOOL WILL BE HOSTING THIS YEAR.
  4. Congratulations to Austin Chang on earning his Black Belt! Permanent page can be found here.
  5. 2015-16 Registration is now open! Important information and guides can be found here.

Upcoming Events and Activities

  • 6/13 Last Day of School
    • Year end performance
    • Closing & Graduation Ceremony
    • Picnic at Turkey Swamp Park

Parent Association

  1. Security deposit Refund – Please inquire at PA desk.
  2. Tickets for year-end picnic – Please purchase at PA desk
Time Perf. # Show
9:30 AM   students report to the classroom; parents to auditorium
9:40 AM Slide show/Video
9:55 AM 0 Principle introduces year-end performance and graduation program
10:00 AM 1 MC introduces the Chinese erhu
Chinese erhu
10:10 AM 2 MC introduces the Children’s Song
幼兒歌舞 Children’s song and dance
10:16 AM 3 MC introduces Jr. YoYo
扯鈴組表演 Jr. YoYo show
10:22 AM 4 MC introduces Junior dance program
小班舞蹈表演 Junior Dance :
10:28 AM 5 MC to introduce Sr.dance –
舞蹈班 Sr. Dance class:
10:34 AM 6 MC introduces Kung Fu-SI/TA program
Kung Fu TA/SI team
10:40 AM 7 MC introduces Sr. YoYo program
扯鈴高級班表演 Advanced YoYo show
10:46 AM 8 MC introduces dance
SI dance – Lucy and Melanie
10:52 AM 9 MC introduces Solo dance
Erica Lee solo
10:58 AM 10 MC introduces H3
H3 Performance – Video and Sing a Song
11:04 AM Cultural programs end
    Closing and Graduation ceremony
11:45 AM  programs end
12:30 PM   Picnic Turkey swamp park- PA BBQ


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