FCS weekly communication 8/31-9/6/2014

Web version of this email can be found at FCS Weekly Communication 8/31-9/6/2014


  1. 9/6/2014 is our first day of school! Welcome back and look forward to seeing you all!
  2. Our website has a new look! https://www.njfcs.org – any suggestions/questions, please email webmaster@njfcs.org
  3. For 2014-15, FCS will combine all communications, Lunch order/vendor/department updates, into a single weekly email. Weekly communication will be accessible FCS Homepage under Weekly Communication (as shown in screenshot #1 below)
  4. Family oriented activities and small communities, we will have several activities such as ice cream day, picture day, rice ball day in 2014-15! Dates are currently TBD and will be communicated 2 weeks before.
  5. Registration: we will set up a desktop at the front desk for walk-in registration on 9/6 and 9/13
  6. FCS Clubs: we have several clubs for parents and alumni – find out how to join in the FCS Clubs section.
  7. As usual Class starting time for K and Pre-K is 9:45 AM while all other classes will begin at 9:30 AM
  8. As always FCS needs your support. Please email principal@njfcs.org to volunteer!

Upcoming Events

  • 開學 School begins on 9/6/2014
  • 行事曆 2014-15 calendar https://www.njfcs.org/fcs-calendar/
  • 開學典禮 Opening ceremony 9/13
  • Marlboro Day 9/14
  • 新北市教育局參訪 10/4

Parent association 

Language/Culture Department

  • Reminder: Class starting time for K and Pre-K is 9:45 AM while all other classes will begin at 9:30 AM as usual
  • Speech contest:  It will take place on the first semester and date can be found on the school calendar page
  • Teacher/Classroom assignment – can be found at the table-1 below. Floor map can be found at https://www.njfcs.org/language-dept/ under Classroom Assignment Tab or download here
  • Teachers’ page and cover letter: Every teacher now has his/her own homepage. Cover letter can be accessed there. Teachers’ page can be accessed from the school homepage then hover over Teachers button.

FCS Clubs

Screenshot-1 – Weekly Communication

Class Teacher Class Room
PreK 萬淑儀 Sally Yeh 230
K 吳亭萩 Ting-Chiu WU 231
1 梁薰方 Charlotte Liang 239
2 盧惠芳 Michelle Lu 238
3 謝長青 Chang-Chin Yao 236
4 陳淑玲 Shwulin Chen 241
5 張藍心 Aimi Cho 245
6 郭淑玫 Shumei Kuo 242
7 趙炎炘 Yen-Hsin Yick 243
8 戴麗如 Julia Tai 244
H1 許淑琴 ShwuChyn Yu 250
H2 吳幸蓉 Singlong Wu 251
H3 方水月 Sueiyue Huang 252
CSL-B 林憶文 Christy Lam 233
CSL-I 房玲玲 Linlin Fang 232
CLS-A 章露恩 Ruth Lin 235
ADV-C 陳慧雯 Sophia Chen 234

Table-1 – Classroom and Teacher assignment

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