FCS weekly communication 9/14-9/20/2014



Web version of this email can be found at FCS Weekly Communication 9/14-9/20/2014


  1. Weekly communication – Subscription has been updated. Please see homepage for newsletter sign-up – see screenshot in appendix section.
  2. Newly added news section in weekly communication – see below
  3. Marlboro Day volunteer – thanks to following parents/students for volunteering Marlboro Day! https://www.njfcs.org/marlboro-day-2014/
    • We have 10 visitors who are interested in our school. Vice Principal Charlie will follow up with them.
  4. As always FCS needs your support. Please email principal@njfcs.org to volunteer and find out more details! We have new volunteers!!
    • Allan Laohoo – Culture Staff/Multimedia Coordinator
    • Suzie Tam – Culture Staff/Chinese New Year Program Coordinator

Upcoming Events

  • 9/20 Parents’ Meeting and Tea Party – 11:30 AM at room 112 – next to Children’s Sing and Dance
  • 9/27 No School
  • 10/4 No School
  • 10/11 No School

Parent Association 

Language/Culture Department

  • Teacher/Classroom assignment – can be found at the table-1 below. Floor map can be found at https://www.njfcs.org/language-dept/ under Classroom Assignment Tab or download here
  • Craft class has been cancelled due to low enrollment; Creative Drawing art class (Room 255) has been reopened and will be instructed by Christy Lam. Please email culture@njfcs.org shall you have any questions.

FCS Clubs

Awards and Honors: 


  • Marlboro High School Ranking up from 123 to 9. Click the image for the news.


  • 中國美麗天使 美國親善大使 朱若妤 (H3 Class) 摘后冠 – Sino Monthly New Jersey


Appendix – newsletter sign-up

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