Grade 2. Week 4. 10/03


第四周  10/03/2015

本周教學進度 ( Lesson of the Week)

第二課 小羊要吃花兒 (Lesson Two)

生字 : 言,請,找,黃,就,說

造詞,句子練習,復習 “說故事:鳥媽媽的蛋不見了”

本周作業 (Homework)

  1. 美洲華語 作業本 p. 25 ~ p.36 ( Mei Zhou Chinese Workbook p. 25 ~ p.36 )
  2. 生字練習本 p4. 言,請,找,黃,就,說( Stroke Order Practice Workbook, p.4言,請,找,黃,就,說)
  3. 錄音 : 第二課. 說故事:鳥媽媽的蛋不見了p.22 ~p.25 ( Read and record Text Book Story. P. 22 to p.25 )

下周考試 (10/17) Test

小考: 姓名,生字  (言,請,找,黃,就,說),  注音,  造詞

Our weekly test will include writing your own Chinese name and the six words, 言,請,找,黃,就,說and one phrase for each new word.


下周注意事項 ( Announcements)


  1. 下周是 Columbus Day long weekend, 中文學校不上課! 下次上課是 10/17! No Chinese school next week! We’ll meet again on 10/17!
  2. 還未交回教室守則的同學請於下次上課時交回。If you haven’t already done so, please check your student’s backpack for a copy of “Classroom Rules”. The notice needs to be filled out, signed and returned.
  3. 下次上課請帶作業本37~54, 剪刀和黏膠。 Please bring Mei Zhou Chinese Workbook p.37~54, scissors and glue.
  4. 有任何疑問歡迎聯絡 郭老師 732 792-3245 or 917 345-1381

錄音作業請寄到         謝謝!

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