Grade 2. Week 6. 10/24


第六周  10/24/2015

本周教學進度 ( Lesson of the Week)

第三課 開玩笑 (Lesson Three)

生字 : 太,奶,還,包,真,個

造詞, “說故事:友友的午飯”問答

本周作業 (Homework)

  1. 美洲華語 作業本 p. 43 ~ p.48 ( Mei Zhou Chinese Workbook p. 43~ p.48 )
  2. 生字練習本 p6. 太,奶,還,包,真,個( Stroke Order Practice Workbook, p6太,奶,還,包,真,個3. 錄音 : 無 (No recording homework this week!)

下周考試 (10/31) Test

小考: 姓名,生字  (太,奶,還,包,真,個),  注音,  造詞

Our weekly test will include writing your own Chinese name and the six words, 太,奶,還,包,真,個and one phrase for each new word.


下周注意事項 ( Announcements)

  1. 下次上課請帶作業本49~54, 剪刀和黏膠。 Please bring Mei Zhou Chinese Workbook p.49~54, scissors and glue.
  2. 10/31 Halloween Activities at cafeteria. Costumes are OPTIONAL!
  3. 11/14 First Midterm Exam. The exam will cover all words from lesson 1 to lesson 3. A study guide will be sent home on 10/31.

有任何疑問歡迎聯絡 郭老師  732 792-3245 or 917 345-1381

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