How to Add the Weekly Cover Letters/Posts to Your Personal Page


  1. Software used to build the website is called WordPress
  2. Every teacher has his/her own homepage
  3. Every teacher has his/own account – username is yourFirstName.yourLastName
  4. Teacher is set to the ‘author’ of the page
    • only you can modify/update the page
    • you will get email notification if parents or students comment on your page
  5. Every change will be versioned and stored in the system – Don’t worry about losing any works or breaking anything because WE CAN FIX IT  🙂



  1. Go to
  2. Click on Login at the top of the homepage
  3. Use your username and password to login
  4. Use the default password 1234 for the first time then go to your profile to change your password
  5. Use ‘Lost your password’ to recover your password, in case you forgot your password
  6. After you logon, just following the instructions, you will be see Edit Post button on top and your login avatar at the upper right corner



Add a new post

  1. After you’re logged in following the instructions, you will be see Add New Post on the left:


Edit your page

  1. User interface is very similar to Microsoft products you use every day – such as outlook and word.
  2. Key in the title, make it unique such as: “09/06/2014 Class 5 Cover letter”
  3. ONLY set the sub-category of the cover letter for your class.
  4. Put you content
  5. Then publish it.

To add attachment files(pdf, image files…), use “Add Media” button to upload the file and insert the link to your post.

You can also set the sub-category of your name. The post will show under Resources tab on your page. It is useful for the material you want to share with students but they may or may not be related to the cover letter.

After publishing the post, it should show up in the list.


You can change the About portion by updating “Biographical Info” in your profile.


The code in your page to show the list of cover letters, you can add the sub tab for each school year:



Scheduled Publishing

  • Default setting

  • Set the time and hit Publish when done

  • Publishing time scheduled


***** If you got 404 NOT FOUND error after published the post, you may try to change the Permalink by editing and clearing the current string(which may be a number), it will try to use the post title as the link then update the post again. 


You are welcome to modify your personal page but please keep the above portion intact to show the cover letter list correctly.
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