how to update teachers' page


  1. software used to build the website is called WordPress
  2. every teacher has his/her own homepage
  3. every teacher has his/own account – username is your email
  4. teacher is set to the ‘author’ of the page
    • only you can modify/update the page
    • you will get email notification if parents or students comment on your page
  5. every change will be versioned and stored in the system – Don’t worry about losing any works or breaking anything because WE CAN FIX IT  🙂


  1. go to
  2. click on Login at the top of the homepage
  3. use your username and password to login
  4. use ‘Lost your password’ to recover your password
  5. to change your password: please email 
  6. After you log on, just follow the instructions, you will see Edit Post button on top and your login avatar at the upper right corner

Go to your page

  1. (using Singlong’s page as an example吳幸蓉老師-singlong-wu/)
  2. After you’re logged in following the instructions, you will be see Edit Post button on top – as well as your login avatar at the upper right corner

Edit your page

  1. user interface is very similar to Microsoft products you use every day – such as outlook and word.
  2. when you’re done with editing, simply click ‘update’ on the right and your change will be saved and published.
  3. you can view the change by clicking on ‘view post’ button under the post title, which is ‘吳幸蓉老師 Singlong Wu’ in this case

Insert file into your page

  • click on Add Media

  •  on the pop-up window, click on upload Files. (If you’re adding an existing file, click on Media Libary and search for it)

  • when prompted, select the file that you want to upload then click Open

  • Once the file is uploaded, click ‘Insert into post’

  • A link will show up on the page editor. Click ‘Update’ to update your page.

  • You can view the file link on your page after the update.

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