Joanne Liu-Rudel – MBOE Candidate

Joanne’s Goals

  • Improve our education system to better prepare our children for future challenges.
  • Encourage our children to become critical thinkers and life-long learners.
  • Build an efficient and fiscally responsible educational system.
  • Proactively solicit community feedback and promote an open dialogue.

Joanne’s Background

  • Proud Marlboro resident for 12 years
  • Children attend Frank Defino Central & Marlboro Memorial Middle School
  • Girl Scouts and PTA volunteer
  • Member of Marlboro Multi-Cultural Committee
  • Board Chair at Huaxia Chinese School in Marlboro
  • Board Director at Huaxia Chinese School network with 7000 students
  • Member of Chinese American Mobilization and Enrichment League
  • Architect on Common Cloud, Platform and Solution Engineering at AT&T
  • Masters in Computer Science and Transportation Engineering from NJIT

Write-in Ballont – Instructions:


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