admins please refer to install/admin guide here

Teacher user guide


  • Select Period – Language or Culture class

Take Attendance

  • On homepage, you will be reminded if any attendance record is missing. Simply click on ‘Take Attendance”

  • from navigation bar, Click on Attendance–> Select the date and hit Go

  • Attendance management screen – Click ‘Save’ when you’re done – Attendance code can be updated. Please contact staff shall you have any questions or suggestions.


Input grades

  • from navigation bar, Click on Grades then select from the assignment list

  • GradeBook work screen, Click ‘Save” when you’re done


Grade setup

  1. All grade related data are entered as ‘Assignment – including Assignment Types such as homework, midterm and final exams
  2. Current implementation is based on Bonnie Tang’s grade scale:
    • homework 10%
    • class participation 10%
    • notebook check 10%
    • midterm 10% – two midterms
    • contest 10%
    • project 15% – two projects
    • attendance 25% – implementation will be discussed with Bonnie
    • final 10%
  3. As of 1/26/2014, Assignment Type is as shown as following

  • View Assignment setting: from navigation bar –> Click on Grades –> Click on Assignments

  • Click on any of the Assignment Type to see current setting – screenshot below shows the ‘homework’

  • Add Assignment Type: Click onas shown in screenshot below, enter the title and Percent of Final Grade then hit Save

  • Add Assignment to an Assignment Type – screenshot below shows the ‘homework
  • Click on homework first then Click on to add an assignment
  • ‘ – probably easier to use ‘date’ as the name of the assignment?



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