1/10/2018 NBA Taiwan Heritage Night -National Anthem and YoYo Performance

Super proud of FCS YoYo Team’s amazing performance in Barclays Center during a NBA game, Nets vs. Raptors on 1/8/2018 Taiwanese Heritage Night. Fidelity Chinese School was so fortunate to be invited again after last year’s successful national anthem performance. During the winter break, these performers spent their valuable time together practicing, creating choreography based on “I love Taiwan” theme while showing their awesome skills. Special thanks to Fidelity Alumnus Brian Chin for creating the wonderful choreography, Derek Hsu and Kevin Lam for leading the performance. Amongst 11 performers, 7 of them have won New Jersey YoYo competitions in the past. The participants are, Brian Chin, Kevin Lam, Derek Hsu, Preston Peng, Jonathan Yuen, Jared Chiou, Alexander Tai, Aaron Lee, Brian Lo, Roy Lai, and Tyler Chen.


After last year’s successful national anthem performance, FCS was invited again to perform the national anthem. This year, the choir was led by Katherine Ho and FCS alumni Faith Liu who was kind enough to delay her flight to direct the choir. In addition to FCS Choir members, we were so honored to have MasterChef finalist Jason J. Wang to join us from Boston. Not only Jason was a chef, he is also a professional classical singer.


11/5/2017 Marlboro Multi-Culture Day

Tenth Annual Marlboro Multicultural Day – Another wonderful display and performance by Fidelity Chinese School. Thank you Sherry Yuen and Sharon Hsu for making authentic Taiwanese Bubble Tea, Suzie Tam for bringing custom made spinning wheel game, Shumei for setting up the table display, Yvonne Wang from TECO NY for donating awesome Taiwanese souvenirs and Jared Jonathan and Kevin for the amazing Chinese YoYo show.

Thank you Jeff Wang for sharing beautiful photos!


11/4/2017 Fidelity Chinese School and New Taipei City Sister Schools signing ceremony 維德 永和 江翠 南山 金山 福和 南山

It was a historical day for Fidelity Chinese School, signing sister school agreements with 5 New Taipei City schools 永和 江翠 南山 金山 福和 南山 . Our bonding between New Taipei City schools will grow stronger and truer for many years to come! Forming this bond will allow our students from both sides to develop real perspectives on language and culture, and help take on the future challenges of this world.
Special thanks to Brooklyn Essence, LLC for their wonderful handmade pillows for our sister schools.

維德中文學校與新北市5中學義結金蘭 促進國際教育交流

臺灣新北市金山高中、南山高中、福和國中、永和國中、江翠國中等五校校長及師生一行78人於11月4日參訪紐澤西州維德中文學校(Fidelity Chinese School),並舉行盛大的姐妹校簽約儀式,紐約僑教中心副主任王盈蓉、Freehold學區總監Rocco Tomazic、林登學區顧問陳如萍、全美中文學校聯合總會長程規劃委員會主委黃清郁博士、資深中文教師林純如等人應邀觀禮。
5校姐妹校簽約儀式分別由賴來展校長(金山高中)、陳炳霖主任(南山高中)、范筱蓉校長(福和國中)、郭月秀校長(江翠國中)、陳玉芬校長(永和國中)與維德中文學校校長Suzie Tam分別簽署,未來將安排更多實質的交流機會,透過雙方的合作情誼,進行語言、文化課程之交換計畫,預定辦理暑期學生互訪及英語志工教學等活動。簽約儀式完成後,雙方互贈紀念品。活動中臺灣5校學生帶來布農族拍手歌、跆拳道、二胡演奏及街舞等具臺灣特色表演,維德中文學校學生也帶來扯鈴表演,賓主盡歡。
新北市五校於10月31日抵美後展開12日的國際教育課程學習及文化生活體驗,同時與紐澤西州席德中學Cedar Drive Middle School、PP海濱高中Point Pleasant Beach High School 、勞倫斯高中Lawrence High School 等公立學校簽署姊妹校,地主學校皆熱烈歡迎新北訪團,安排臺灣師生們與該校學生一同上課學習,大大促進臺美國際教育及文化交流。

Video – https://www.youtube.com/playlist…

Photos – http://photo.njfcs.org/index.php?/category/117

News reports by 新州週刊 and 新象週刊 on last Saturday’s sister schools signing ceremony.

10/28/2017 Fidelity Welcomes Mayor Jonathan Hornik with Special Chinese Culture Exhibition From Taiwan

A fun and informative day at Fidelity Chinese School as we welcome Mayor Jonathan Hornik, Councilman Jeff Cantor, Carol Mazzola, Suzie Shrem, Joanne Liu-Rudel and Debbie Matos with special Taiwanese culture exhibition by Master Wang Hung Lung, Lu Kou Tien, and Wang Chao Ho from Taiwan demonstrated Sugar Painting, Calligraphy, Dragon sugar, Dough Figurines.

10/16/2017 新北市教育參訪團16日與新澤西州維德中文學校校長、教師等會面

Fidelity Chinese School welcomes the visit by members of New Taipei City Educational Administration Team.