• FCS photo site is hosted at dreamhost and built with a open source software called pydio
  • URL –
  • Following is the instruction to upload photos
  1. Get an account by emailing then IT director will assist you with it
  2. Navigate to and login with provided username and password at lower left corner as shown in screenshot below. Check ‘Auto login’ if you’d like browser to remember your login information (which I do)
  3. Upon login, you will see Administration link as shown in the screenshot above. Click on it and it will take you to the backend dashboard – as shown in the third screenshot above.
  4. Now you’re ready to upload photos. Simply click Add and you will a screen as shown below. From here, you can either create a new album OR use an existing one.
  5. In this tutorial, I chose to create a new album called “Painting & Calligraphy (國畫/書法)“. Once you enter the Album name, click Create button to create a new album.
    • Please note that Pydio does support nested album (album within an album) so be sure to select “—————” if you DON’T want it to be in a parent album.
  6. Now your album is ready, you can either drag&drop to “Drag files here” area OR click on to  to upload. Keep in mind it does support uploading several photos at the same time so you can add as many as you want.
  7. When you’re done selecting photos, click  to upload photos.
  8. Now you should see your album and uploaded photos when you go to – which sorts the albums by the uploaded date.
  9. Shall you have any questions, please contact
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