Principal ToDO

  1. annual survey
  2. annual survey result review
  3. recruit staff and board members
  4. monthly greetings
  5. Events
    • openning
    • open house
    • ice cream day
    • dumpling day
    • family pciture day
    • breakfast day
    • small group social day
    • 中秋節
    • multi-culture day
    • CNY
    • picnic
    • open house
    • closing
  6. board meeting
  7. org chart – roles and responsibilities
  8. CNY
  9. 中華文化常識比賽 
  10. payment status
  11. equipment check
  12. teacher’s spending – laptop/printer/toner/copier

revenue source – donation: employers, previous principals and alumni

total 2014 CNY party expense – $2800

To be fixed

  • fixed registration date (per Sherry)
  • confirm returning of teachers before the end of school year.
  • confirm class room assignment and update map before the end of school year
  • clearly define roles and responsibilities of board members and staff
  • offer letter
  • new family email list and new family orientation
  • visitor/new family sign-in sheet – first day of school and open house
  • students’ work copyright, school’s work copyright


Annual IT to do

  1. recompile newsletter list
  2. size up EC2
  3. newsletter subscription/unsubscribe
  4. registration migration
  5. mail list – include teachers, families with no students



Annual PA to do

  1. staff list
  2. parent duty list

vendor schedule


  • dance club fee, tachi club fee, basketball club fee
  • 12/13 charity
  • marlboro day
  • event planning
  • service hour qualitfications for TA/SI
  • specific requirements for culture SI
  • class hours requirement for teachers
  • roles and responsibilities



active list

  1. Diane – community service hours
  2. TA – creative drawing/craft;
  3. music teacher hunting
  4. music class – Brandon, Tiffany, Candace
  5. culture staff – Juuhwa or Charlotte/Austin (DJ)/Elanie
  6. creative drawing 255
  7. craft
  8. close room 209 二胡教室; 252
  9. port number – contact media – update/correct FCS contact number
  10. equipment check
    1. laptop x 9 – meeting Ho-Chi, Sabrina,
    2. projector x 9
    3. copier x 14
    4. printer x 17

weekly – weekly communication page (everything tuesday night)/email/fb/ page





External Communication

  • ANJCS – Tianhong Tu 新澤西中文學校協會 (585) 201-0780
  • Michelle Bao
  • communicate to OCAC about budget for shipping books back to Taiwan.


Meeting (9/13)

  1. 10/4 lunch
  2. computer spending
  3. phone number
  4. ad/sponsor spending

Community Service Hour

In the past if our Yo-Yo or Dance students were asked to perform at an outside event, we would also give them hours if the organization who invited them didn’t.


Year end Community Service certificates awarded to TA’s and SI’s were comprised of their total hours worked as TA’s (1 hour per week attended Culture Class plus On and Off Campus hours).  Township events and Victoria House issued separate certificates so those don’t get added in.  This has always been the way we did it.

event Issued by notes
Marlboro Day FCS Any student volunteer. In the past mainly Yo-Yo Team (Yo-Yo Team Captain organizes and tracks their hours to be submitted to Culture Director)
Multi culture Day Marlboro Township  all student volunteers including performers are eligible to receive
CNY off campus FCS  all student volunteers
CNY performance FCS TA/SI only – will be issued along with others at year end = Yes This year count time from 9:30 to 1 p.m. for performing SI/TA’s.
Any others? (see in red)
 Senior Fun Day  Marlboro Township?  Check with Ann Wang
 Victoria House, Marlboro Beautification Day, ANJCS Conference Performers


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