CSL Speech Contest Guidelines



2013-2014CSL Speech Contest Guidelines


Date:March8th, 2014 from 9:30-11:30am in the Main Auditorium


Purpose:The main purposes of the annual FCS Speech Contest are to:

  • develop our students’ self-confidence
  • encourage and enhance students’public-speaking abilities
  • provide an opportunity for our CSL students to deliver an entire speech in Mandarin Chinese
  • gain contest experience


Participation:  The FCS Language Department encourages every student in the CSL Beginning and Intermediate to participate in the speech contest.



Students in the CSL Beginning and Intermediate may recite the same speech as their classmates, or may choose their own written speeches.


An individual student is not permitted to use the same speech in consecutive years.


Delivery of Speech:  All students should strive to memorize their speeches.  If a script is needed, points will be deducted (from 20%-50%) from the Flow of Speech scoring category, depending upon degree of reliance on the script.


Timing:The lengths of students’ speeches need to be between the following limits:

  • CSL Beginning: 1 to 2 minutes
  • CSLIntermediate:  2 to 3 minutes
  • When the time limit has been reached, a warning bell will be sounded.  Speeches that exceed the maximum time by 1 minute will be stopped.





  • Flow of speech (45%)*:Tone, flow, inflection, intonation, naturalness

*students utilizing a script will receive deductions in this category; ranging from 20% (occasional usage) to 50% (complete reliance on script)


  • Pronunciation (25%):  Accuracy of words/tones, clarity, enunciation


  • Delivery (20%): Expression, posture, mannerism, poise


  • Timing (10%):Points will be deducted for speeches that fall outside of the time limitations(1 point deduction per 10 seconds)



Awards:  Students will compete within their individual classes.  Therefore, each class will have at least 3 awards given: First Place, Second Place, and Third Place.



Procedure:  On the day of the contest, students are to sit with their classes in the order of their appearance on stage.  Students are to report directly to the Auditorium on the day of the contest.  In order to minimize disruption to other classes, all participating students are to remain seated with their classes until all contestants have completed their speeches. The sequence of the contestants will be decided in the individual classes and the list will be provided to the FCS Language Department.


Miscellaneous: All CSL students will be allowed to be prompted by their respective teachers in the event the student forgets parts of their speech.