escalation procedures

  1. In case of disagreement, the class teacher will escalate to department head (language/culture) within 12 hours. At this point, teachers shall not send further communication or have verbal exchange around the topic – until the decision is made
  2. Upon escalation, department head will immediately contact the parents involved while keeping class teacher in the loop to acknowledge reception of incident within 24 hours.
  3. if the issue can be resolved within 3 days, department head will communicate the result to the parent/teacher.
  4. if the issue cannot be resolved within 3 days, department head will request Principal or Vice Principal to organize a board meeting to review and decide the next steps
  5. board meeting will be called within 7 days after the vent; the decision will be made within 7 days – additional week(s) will be added shall there be no school in the following week(s)
  6. principal will then communicate the decision to parents as well teachers and organize face-to-face meeting if necessary (within 24 hours after the decision has been made