Multimedia Contest Registration

2014 FCS Multimedia Contest Registration Form & Rule

A. Introduction 
Senior Division (H1, H2, H3, CLS Adv & CSL Conversation) will hold the Multimedia Contest by each class and judge by their teachers.
Contest Date: 02/22/2014
Contest Place: your classroom
The 1st place winners may present their works at the Closing Ceremony.
Please mail your registration form to your class teacher.

B. Title (in Chinese) _______________________________________
Must be related to Chinese in history, geography, lives, customs, literature, Sciences,
people, etc in Taiwan, China, Macao, HongKong, USA

Reference: ACS Multimedia Presentation Contest: 5/25,26/2013 at DC, 主題: 端午節

C. Student name (1 to 2 students per group)
1._________________, FCS grade_________
2._________________, FCS grade_________

D. Rules:
1. Be prepared to answer questions from teacher regarding the presentation
2. Presentation must be written in Chinese and speak in Mandarin
3. Presentation: 3 - 4 minutes
4. Scoring: 中文表達:20%, 內容:30%, 臨場反應 :20%,   創意美感:20%, 時間掌握:10%。
5. For Group Presentation, all members need to show up & present in order to claim full Cash award & Certificate.
Should any member is absent at the Presentation day, the absent member cash award will be reduced.
E. Notes
·         School will only provide the projector.
·         Students will need to prepare other necessary materials and equipments.

每一班第一名 (1st place), 每人 $20, 全組最多 $35
每一班金牌獎 (Gold), 每人 $15,  第一名分數的 95% (含) 以上, 全組最多 $25
每一班銀牌獎 (Silver), 每人 $10,  第一名分數的 90% (含) 以上, 全組最多 $15
每一班銅牌獎 (Bronze), 每人 $5, 第一名分數的 85% (含) 以上
每一班參加獎 (attendance), 每人 $2