Registration policies and fees

  1. Pre-K students must be 4 years old and CSL students must be 6 years old by begining of the enrolled school year.
  2. Culture class selection will be first come first serve during registration. Once the class size reaches its limit, no more enrollment will be allowed without Culture Director and teacher’s consent.
  3. Students may switch culture classes, if spaces are still available, before the stated datelines. For returning students, no switching is allowed after 2nd class date, and for new students after 3rd class date.
  4. All cultural SIs and TAs must register and pay the cultural class fee, except TAs for the K-class.
  5. Class-switching will need to be approved by the Language Director or Culture Director and be processed through school treasurer. Class fee payment or refund will be made during the switch.
  6. Tuition for culture-only program is $200/year
  7. Registration Fee is $20 and PA Fee is$20
  8. Volunteering Assignment Deposit is $30 – refundable upon completion of assignment
  9. Please make checks payable to ‘FCS’. Check can be submitted in person or by mail. If by mail: FCS Registration, PO Box 18, Marlboro, NJ 07746. For question/clarification, please contact:
  10. A $20 penalty will be imposed on any check returned with insufficient fund.