Rules for Students and Parents

學生及家長守則 Rules for Students and Parents

  • 嚴禁移動或使用教室或任何場地裡任何不是中文學校的物品,尤其是電子白板
  • 教室裡桌椅不可以移動,踐踏或塗寫
  • 黑板上老師留下的字跡不可以任意擦拭。
  • 如果發現教室裡的物件,電子白板,黑板,門窗或桌椅有任何損壞,請在第一時間告知導師及教務處。
  • 上課時間不得使用電器用品(如隨身聽,行動電話等等),違反者電器用品將由老師保管至課堂結束後通知家長領回。
  • 上課時間不得隨意進出教室,若需如廁,須先徵求老師同意。
  • 學生在教室裡不可自由交談,若需發言,須先舉手徵求老師同意。
  • 老師尚未下課,學生不可擅自打開教室大門。老師教學中如有需要進入教室,一定要先敲門。
  • 考試嚴格禁止作弊,違反者,成績不計並由教務處通知家長。
  • 學生在上課時不守秩序並不服從老師管教時,教務處會與該生家長聯絡並請家長到校伴讀直至情況改善為止。
  • 走廊上嚴禁追逐,喧嘩,奔跑,吵鬧。
  • 諸位家長接送學生上下課請勿遲到,以免影響老師教學,並擾亂同學們的注意力。家長遲來接小孩會給學校及老師造成極大的困擾。請家長避免有習慣性的遲送遲接的情形發生。家長與學生應於下午一點半前離開學校
  • 早上送學生到教室時如老師還未到達,請家長暫時留下等候老師。請勿將學生獨自留在教室內。
  • 上課期間,請學生家長們勿在走廊上交談,以免妨礙教學。本校在Cafeteria 設有家長休息室並設有茶水,供家長們休息及交 談。
  • 任何人不可在教室內散發商業,宗教,政治性傳單,通知或廣告。
  • 家長與學生如果在校內發現可疑人,事,物,應儘快通知安全值日家長或是家長會服務台。



Fidelity Chinese School Student and Parent Rules

  • Do not touch, use, or remove any item (including whiteboard) in the classroom that does not belong to you or the Chinese School. Any item that is moved needs to be restored to its original condition.
  • Do not rearrange, dirty, scratch, or damage any desks, chairs, whiteboard, or books in the classroom.
  • Do not erase anything on the blackboard or whiteboard.
  • If you notice any items damaged in the classroom, such as the blackboard, whiteboard, door, windows, chairs or desks, notify your classroom teacher and the Language Department immediately.
  • Use of electronic devices (such as ipod, games, cell phone, etc) is not allowed during the class time.
  • Teacher’s permission is required to leave the classroom for any reason during the class, such as to go to the bathroom.
  • No talking among students during the class without teacher’s permission. Raise your hand to get permission first before speaking.
  • Students need to be dismissed by the teacher before leaving the classroom.
  • Academic dishonesty is strictly prohibited. If a student is found cheating on any assignment or test, the grade on such assignment or test will be forfeited. The parents will be notified by the Language Department.
  • If a student has continual behavioral issues, the parents of such student will be notified by the Language Department, and a parent will be required to accompany the student to attend the class until the situation improves.
  • No running, yelling, or horseplay in the hallways.
  • Please be on time for classes. Coming late or leaving early disturbs classes.  Parents should pick up students promptly at class dismissal time.  All parents and students must leave the school building by 1:30 pm.
  • Do not leave students in the classroom without adult supervision. A parent must wait with the students in the classroom until the teacher arrives for class.
  • Parents should refrain from socializing in the hallways outside the classroom. The school cafeteria is a designated area for parents to socialize and to relax. Complimentary tea bags, coffee, hot water, and cold water are available
  • No solicitation is allowed in classrooms.
  • Report any suspicious persons, items, and events observed in the school building immediately to the security on patrol or any FCS staff members.


Classroom rules have been distributed to all students and parents at the beginning of the school year.  Parents should explain the importance of the rules to their children.  Any damage to school property may result in FCS losing permission for using the MMS facility.