Student Instructor and TA guidelines

小老師與助教守則 Student Instructor and TA guidelines

  1. 待人尊重有禮,穿著合宜得體 – Treat everyone with respect, dress properly for class.
  2. 出席所有安排的課程及活動, 每次上課必須簽到 – Attend all assigned classes and activities, sign in at the Program Department desk every time.
  3. 比上課時間早 五分鐘到達教室,務必準時 – Arrive 5 minutes before class starts, be on time.
  4. 如有問題或困難,應儘快知會有關老師及學校幹事 – Communicate with the teacher or staff on concerns or problems in a timely manner.
  5. 如無法出席,應儘早知會老師及主任,以安排代替 – Notify the teacher and Program Director ahead of time if not able to attend class or activity, so proper substitution can be arranged.
  6. 協助老師安排桌椅及清潔課室 – Assist teacher in class set-up and clean up.
  7. 協助老師帶學生到指定的活動地點 – Assist teacher in leading students to and from activity site and classroom.
  8. 協助老師維持課室秩序,勿私自交談或與學生嬉戲 – Assist teacher in maintaining class order; no private conversations or playing with students when teacher is teaching.
  9. 上課時間不可使用手機或其他私人電器用品 – During class time, no use of cell phone or other electronics such as Phone, MP3, CD player, etc.

Use comment sense when encounter items that is not listed. Fidelity Chinese School reserves the right to update this document as needed.